Your Favourite T.V. Themes Soundtrack (by Geoff Love & His Orchestra)

Your Favourite T.V. Themes Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1973
Country: UK
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: ~290 kbs
Playtime: 31:07

Thanks to DAVID

01. Theme From Colditz (2:46)
02. Country Matters (2:17)
03. Midweek (2:49)
04. The Edwardians [From Upstairs Downstairs] (1:55)
05. Galloping Home [From Black Beauty] (2:08)
06. Ironside [From A Man Called Ironside] (3:16)
07. Alias Smith And Jones_ (2:44)
08. Memories Of Summer [From Love Story TV Series] (3:02)
09. Theme from The Strauss Family (2:34)
10. The Brothers (3:07)
11. World Of Sport (2:03)
12. The Good Word [From Nationwide] (2:28)

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4 Comments on “Your Favourite T.V. Themes Soundtrack (by Geoff Love & His Orchestra)

  1. um…Nazi Swastika on the cover. what TV show was that??

  2. Thanks. For inquiring minds, the Fylfot or Swasticker as it has become known, bastardized by association to the WWII Nazi government, is from the TV series Colditz.

  3. Oh yes, how are we doing with a Simon Templar ost or two? Need a Roger Moore era Saint soundtrack, please, and also a Ian Oglvy era soundtrack. I seriously doubt that there is an soundtrack from the old RKO Saint films, and I do not think the 2017 TV Movie got enough support to get one either. But I am also looking for both if you know of a source.

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