Wayward Pines Soundtrack (by Charlie Clouser)

Wayward Pines Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2015
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:12:01

01. Wayward Pines Main Titles Theme (00:49)
02. Episode One Suite Part 1: Eyes Open, Biergarten Call, Kate Flashback (06:19)
03. Episode One Suite Part 2: Leave Hospital, Steal Car (04:18)
04. Episode Two Suite: Morgue Slab, No Patients, Break Protocol, Mausoleum Chip, Hide the Chip (08:01)
05. Episode Two: Kill Beverly (03:10)
06. Episode Three Suite: Pope’s Speech, Forest Kitchen, Empty House (05:15)
07. Episode Three: Please Stay (02:02)
08. Episode Four Suite: Leaking Oil, Floor Safe, Find It, Weakness, Rumor True, End for Me (08:31)
09. Episode Five Suite: Kids Talk, Fourth Century, Think Bigger (06:00)
10. Episode Six Suite: Bigger Than Us, New Project, Make It Better (07:18)
11. Episode Seven Suite: Locate Harold, Miss Seattle, Breach Fence, Snoop Around (04:55)
12. Episodes Eight and Nine Suite: Six Hundred Dead, Dad Failed, Kill Me, So Have I, Theresa Swings (08:20)
13. Episode Ten Suite: Shaft Action, Great Experiment, People Surprise You (05:44)
14. Episode Ten: Farewell (01:27)

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4 Comments on “Wayward Pines Soundtrack (by Charlie Clouser)

  1. I am curious about something. I attempted to download the Wayward Pines soundtrack this morning. Instead of getting the regular zip file, a dmg file was downloaded. When I looked further into this file, I discover it was attempting to install a program I was unfamiliar with and deleted the dmg file. Is this something new from downloaded.net. I was downloadng from the free area. I would appreciate a little more information about this. Thank you.

  2. A followup on my previous comment. Some type of malware or adware was installed on my computer by Uploaded. It was a program called Eliaho. It took me most of last night to remove it from my computer. I have not been able to download the soundtrack as of yet. Every time I attempt to download it, I get a .dmg file instead of the .zip file.

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