V: The Series Soundtrack (by Dennis McCarthy)

V: The Series Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1998 (1983)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 57:52

Thanks to DON

1. ”V” The Series Main Title (01:03)
2. Space Chase (from episode Liberation Day) (04:52)
3. Martin’s Death (from episode Liberation Day) (01:47)
4. Elizabeth’s Rebirth (from episode Dreadnaught) (01:52)
5. Enter Diana – Elizabeth Grows Up (from episode Dreadnaught) (03:57)
6. The Star Child (from episode Dreadnaught) (00:55)
7. Lift Off Into Space (from episode Dreadnaught) (02:21)
8. Farewell – Dreadnaught (from episode Dreadnaught) (05:27)
9. Elizabeth’s Theme (from episode The Sanction) (02:36)
10. A Sunny Day (from episode The Sanction) (02:10)
11. Kyle and Elizabeth (from episode The Sanction) (01:17)
12. Lounge Lizards (from episode Visitor’s Choice) (03:05)
13. Seductive Dream (from episode The Deception) (01:53)
14. Doppelganger’s Demise (from episode Reflection In Terror) (02:51)
15. Rats ‘R’ Us (from episode The Conversion) (01:01)
16. Nathan’s End (from episode The Betrayal) (04:32)
17. Lizard Courtship (from episode The Betrayal) (04:10)
18. Wedding Fanfare – Banquet Music (from episode The Rescue) (02:32)
19. Reception Music (from episode The Rescue) (04:05)
20. Adios, Charles (from episode The Rescue) (02:55)
21. Finale (from episode The Betrayal) (01:53)
22. ”V” The Series End Credits (from episode The Betrayal) (00:32)

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4 Comments on “V: The Series Soundtrack (by Dennis McCarthy)

  1. Thanks a lot DS!! So much original V of the 80’s, incredible, lovin’it ! 🙂

  2. any idea why this one sounds so bad? not 320 by a long shot. great work on this site with everything else though, it’s the best!

  3. (1) V (Joe Harnell) (2) V The Series (Dennis McCarthy)

    (3) V The Final Battle (Dennis McCarthy) (4) V The Lizard Trilogy

    256 kbs mp3. I have since purchased the three CDs except the Lizard Trilogy. This should be an improvement over the sound complaint. The previous were downloaded several years ago.
    I have basic sendspace, so files may be deleted after 30 days of inactivity. Or unless I personally download to keep active. But like everything else there is no guarantee of the files remaining.

  4. This isn’t working anymore. Any chance you could re-upload? Thank you!

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