Supergirl: Season 1 Soundtrack (by Blake Neely)

Supergirl: Season 1 Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2016
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:18:45

01. You Will Do Extraordinary Things (4:49)
02. Meeting Jimmy (2:09)
03. A Hero Emerges (3:14)
04. Telling Winn (1:22)
05. Fighting Vartox (3:28)
06. Gift from Clark / Stronger Together (3:01)
07. Fight or Flight (4:22)
08. Interview Granted (3:27)
09. Assistant Problems (1:51)
10. Chatting with Clark (2:14)
11. I Came Here to Save the World (3:12)
12. Confronting Maxwell Lord (3:06)
13. Strange Visitors from Other Planets (3:12)
14. Joy Ride (1:20)
15. How Does She Do It? (1:51)
16. Harnessing Anger (2:05)
17. Inspirational Boss (1:13)
18. My Name Is Jonn Jonzz (2:19)
19. Under Attack (2:47)
20. Catty Questions (1:56)
21. Heroes Find a Way (2:25)
22. Dying Is Easier (2:48)
23. Alex Brings Kara Back (3:31)
24. Fortress of Solitude (3:28)
25. Afraid of Losing You (1:58)
26. Martian Manhunter Revealed / Your Father is Alive (3:53)
27. World’s Finest (2:11)
28. Hope Speech / Lifting Fort Roz (4:19)
29. Theme from Supergirl (1:14)

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7 Comments on “Supergirl: Season 1 Soundtrack (by Blake Neely)

  1. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! SO HAPPY it’s going to the CW! THANKS for this!

  2. Worst news I heard was CBS cancelled the series. Then I decided it was the best news, because this meant that WB could pick it up and do it properly alongside Flash and Arrow. They did, me happy. Benoist was an incredible find, and although I loved Slater as Kara, her movie did suck quite a bit. For some reason Hollywood always thinks that if you have a girl hero, you have to have a dopey guy for her to fall in love with, etc. etc. Leave the romance out, Gods Damn IT. Treat the character like a male character is treated and the female side will come out in the performance. The Supergirl movie did at least have a decent score, and so to did this TV series. Looking forward to hearing it. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Could you please reupload this? Thank you.

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