Riverdale: Season 1 Soundtrack (by Blake Neely)

Riverdale: Season 1 Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2017
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:18:14

01. Riverdale (2:58)
02. If You Love Me (2:07)
03. Viral Gossip in Town (3:09)
04. Everyone a Suspect (2:33)
05. Receiving the Jersey (1:57)
06. Doubts and Accusations (2:25)
07. All is OK With Milkshakes (2:49)
08. Long Reach (3:47)
09. Ended Up Drowning (4:11)
10. Irreconcilable (3:25)
11. So Many Questions (2:43)
12. A Gift / Forced to Leave (3:23)
13. Not Making the Play (3:25)
14. Overwhelming Evidence (3:53)
15. Realizations (2:02)
16. Do You Feel Guilty? (2:38)
17. Into the Woods (3:21)
18. Name of the Game (3:39)
19. Angry and Vulnerable Girls (2:52)
20. Results of the Father (4:40)
21. Your Father Was Arrested (2:45)
22. The Recording (4:12)
23. Oh, Mommy! (3:52)
24. What Floats Beneath (3:30)
25. Never Safe (1:59)

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  1. With Hotlink, you really have chosen the worst online storage ever. I will never download from Download Soundtracks ever again.

  2. Says the guy downloading music for free. Thanks, admin, for the wonderful work you do curating this site – it’s much appreciated!

  3. Why do people complain when they are getting something for free that other’s have done out of their own kindness and time and effort? My mother taught me when someone does something kind for you, the only thing you should say is “thank you”. Anything else is classless and poor manners. You don’t want to download anymore from this site? Then don’t. That “I’m never going to download ever again” rant is pitiful and sad. The only person you are hurting is yourself. The owner of this site does a service for us all, and has the right to choose whichever online storage site he chooses. If you don’t like it, instead of being an online whiner and tantrum thrower, why not put your money where your rant is and create your own site and upload for others? Maybe then you will see all it entails and will be more appreciative. I offer much thanks and appreciation to the admin because he does a fantastic job, and has given me the opportunity to enjoy many soundtracks I may otherwise not have without his efforts. Cheers to the admin!!

  4. Thank you so much for this. Chuck is a prick. Be grateful

  5. Hotlink is a bugger, make no mistake about that, but I too am always grateful for the efficient service here. As always thank you.

  6. Indeed, Hotlink is a terrible choice in my humble opinion, but as everybody says it is the choice of the administrator and he must have his own reasons to use it. Those who download for free and benefit from the treasure trove of music he delivers here should be grateful. Of course I would much prefer if the administrator used other services, or provide with alternatives, but again it is not for me, or us, to decide. Would it be great if for instance the files were made available on Zippyshare? Of course it would be wonderful and much easier to everybody. But again, it is up to the administrator.
    Thanks administrator for the wonderful music regardless of your choice of servers.

  7. What you guys forget to mention (or don’t know) is that each tiime we download for free, the administrator earns money. Why hotlink? Probably because he earns more than with other hosting facilities. There’s no kindness here : he shares music and earns cash each time we download it. If he wanted to share freely, he would use Mega or Zippyshare, not hotlink.

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