Lost in Space Soundtrack (Deluxe by Christopher Lennertz)

Lost in Space Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2018
Country: USA
Audio codec: M4A
Quality: 256 kbs
Playtime: 1:35:40

01. Main Titles (1:11)
02. Crash Landing (1:12)
03. Will Exploring (5:05)
04. Moby Dick (2:49)
05. Will and the Robot (7:28)
06. Danger Will Robinson (3:33)
07. Family Chores Fugue (4:16)
08. To the Chariot (3:38)
09. Smith / The Forest (3:16)
10. Dump the Fuel (3:12)
11. Flowers / Father and Son (3:33)
12. Waterfall (4:18)
13. Illumination (4:40)
14. Maureen at Work (1:28)
15. Maureen Flies (feat. Lisbeth Scott) (1:13)
16. Race the Minefield (3:51)
17. Ultimate Sacrifice (3:55)
18. Here We Go (2:49)
19. Saying Goodbye (2:45)
20. Alien Ship (3:34)
21. The Resolute (3:18)
22. End Credits (1:13)

01. Back To the Ship (Bonus Track) (6:20)
02. Great Job (Bonus Track) (4:31)
03. Disconnecting (Bonus Track) (4:18)
04. Cheering Up Will (Bonus Track) (1:40)
05. Melting Judy Out (Bonus Track) (1:15)
06. Launch (Bonus Track) (4:27)
07. Backwards (Bonus Track) (0:51)

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4 Comments on “Lost in Space Soundtrack (Deluxe by Christopher Lennertz)

  1. Well the soundtrack doesn’t have the themes scored for family members, the robot and dangerous situations like the original TV series scored by Johnny Williams and other established composers later in the series.

    Johnny Williams light motifs in LIS TOS is what got me interest in collecting soundtracks of TV and film scores.

    LIS TOS and ST TOS themes run through my head as a sound track to events in my life. Yes I am weird. But maybe that is what keeps me somewhat sane?

    The score is more atmospheric than motifs.

    Rather disappointed with the score, but not the series!

    Danger Rory, flailing robort arms!

  2. Thanks.

    @heaudioarchaeologist I tend to agree with you that the modern series music lacks a certain distinctiveness that the original had. And you are not too weird having the music of ST:TOS & LIS:TOS running through your head. We all have some form of music in our heads, for me it will always be the Delia Derbyshire version of the Doctor Who theme. The music is my thought patterns. And I still do not know why the current iteration of the series think that playing the theme is the way to go. The best is still the original, and it was not played, it was not performed, IT WAS ASSEMBLED! That is why it works so well…

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