Inspecteur Gadget Soundtrack (Edition Speciale by Haim Saban, Shuki Levy)

Inspecteur Gadget Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2013 (1983)
Country: France
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 53:46

01. Inspecteur Gadget (02:41)
02. La Chanson de Finot (02:04)
03. Le Thème de Sophie (02:33)
04. Gadget sur Mars (01:34)
05. Le Fantôme (01:58)
06. Musée de l’Art Fou (02:21)
07. Gadget au Japon (02:08)
08. L’usine de Chocolats (02:04)
09. Rodéo (01:40)
10. Thème du Dr Gang (02:15)
11. Héros dans la Jungle Africaine (01:56)
12. Gadget chez les Incas (01:01)
13. Fais Gaffe (01:37)
14. Gadget en Difficulté (01:15)
15. Désert d’Arabie (01:19)
16. Gadget le Sophistiqué (01:38)
17. Thème du Train (02:00)
18. Le Royaume (02:03)
19. La Course de Voitures (01:17)
20. Les Pharaons (01:35)
21. Le Thème de Finot (01:14)
22. Gadget en Italie (01:08)
23. Thème du Dr Gang (Reprise) (02:15)
24. Thème d’Ouverture (Instrumental) (01:18)
25. Le Thème de Sophie (Instrumental) (02:33)
26. Inspecteur Gadget (Version TV) (01:17)
27. Inspector Gadget (Opening TV) (01:18)
28. Inspector Gadget (Ending TV) (00:47)
29. Inspecteur Gadget (Générique du Film) (02:30)
30. Inspector Gadget Theme (02:44)

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2 Comments on “Inspecteur Gadget Soundtrack (Edition Speciale by Haim Saban, Shuki Levy)

  1. I concur with Hydro. More Tele 80 albums would be appreciated. I for one would love “Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea”.

    Anyways, thank you so much for this release! I listened to it top to bottom, and the sound is flawless, unlike the prior versions which had some static (probably as a result of getting recorded and ripped from old records). For anyone that’s heard the prior Gadget Soundtrack releases there’s not much new here except a few extra variations of the of “Inspector Gadget Theme”; the instrumental version of “MAD’s Theme / Dr. Claw’s Theme” (it’s the “Reprise”), which I had absolutely no memory of ever hearing in the US run of the cartoon; the instrumental version of “Brain’s Theme” (which was oddly missing in earlier releases); and one new track “Gadget in Italy” (the sole piece of music from the 2nd season). It’s too bad this release didn’t include the rest of the tracks from Season 2, but for any fans of Inspector Gadget’s music, this is THE version to get.

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