Doctor Who Season 9 Unofficial Soundtrack (by Murray Gold)

Doctor Who Season 9 Unofficial Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2015
Country: UK
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 256 kbs
Playtime: 40:00

Thanks to Kevin

1. “What’s Your Name?” (0:20)
2. “We’re Doing Hugging Now Too” (0:38)
3. “Topside, This is The Doctor” (0:52)
4. The Drum (2:39)
5. “Man Overboard!” (0:50)
6. “Hey How’s it Going?” (3:07)
7. “Hello Sailors!” (3:02)
8. “The TARDIS Has Been Procured” (0:33)
9. “The Planes Have Stopped” (1:29)
10. The Doctor’s Jam Session (0:20)
11. The Doctor Algorithm (1:05)
12. “Somebody Needs Our Attention” (1:24)
13. Skaro (2:12)
14. “Shall We Say 4 o’clock” (5:14)
15. “Please Save Clara” (2:02)
16. Let me see your face with my own eyes (3:01)
17. “A Duty of Care” (2:39)
18. Genocide as a Choice (0:52)
19. Consider The Doctor (4:18)
20. Clara Oswald: Unharmed, Unhurt, Alive (1:12)
21. Anyone For Dodgems? (0:59)
22. 1138 A.D. (1:13)

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5 Comments on “Doctor Who Season 9 Unofficial Soundtrack (by Murray Gold)

  1. Thank you Thank You, Thanks to Kevin toooo!

  2. “Sorry. We’re Closed”… What the Fuck is that all about? “Sorry. We’re Closed” to me means you have shut up shop for good, whatever the reason. If, as I assume, you were down for maintenance, then bloody say so. I’ve had a really bad day today, and this site being closed with such a final message, was the last straw. In future if you are down for maintenance use the message “Sorry, we are down for maintenance. Please call back later.”, which will tell those of us who care for this site that it is still active, just needing a few hours of down time. The only reason I’ve fired up a page of your site and found it is back online is because my brother wanted to see the message that had got me in such a lather. Other wise I would have just written you off, as I have had to write off so many of my favorite websites, and would never have come back. Please use the right phrase next time. Getting it wrong just upsets people and we can get angry about such things.

  3. I guess this will have to do for now since it doesn’t look like the official soundtrack will be released soon :/ Thanks!

  4. @Yee

    Before learning to complain, learn english would be more useful.

    You’re in television soundtracks and it seems you never looked at british or usonian shows !

    Most shops display “Sorry we’re closed” on their door when shop is closed. It means that it will open again (for example after lunch or the day after.

    English is NOT my native language.

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