Defiance Soundtrack (Bear McCreary)

Defiance Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2013
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: V0
Playtime: 1:16:23

01. Defiance Main Title (00:33)
02. The Ritual of Perpetual Motion (feat. Raya Yarbrough) (03:44)
03. Flirting With Disaster (05:35)
04. Before the Votans (02:19)
05. Welcome to Defiance (04:19)
06. Terraform My Heart (feat. Brendan McCreary) (03:33)
07. Baby Blue (03:03)
08. Castithan Bath (03:06)
09. Ooh Child (feat. Raya Yarbrough) (04:04)
10. Lost to the River (03:50)
11. Outside over There (04:15)
12. Worth Dying For (03:44)
13. Concerto for Insects (02:23)
14. Time After Time (feat. Raya Yarbrough) (03:13)
15. Besásh (feat. Raya Yarbrough & Brendan McCreary) (03:32)
16. Kalagyi Anaila Kaziri (03:03)
17. Courage Under Fire [Explicit] (03:50)
18. Battle of the Volge (08:33)
19. Nolan and Irisa Reunite (01:26)
20. Castithan Wedding Song (feat. Raya Yarbrough) (01:33)
21. Lawkeeper (03:37)
22. Gone Again (feat. Brendan McCreary) (02:58)

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12 Comments on “Defiance Soundtrack (Bear McCreary)

  1. Many thanks for sharing all these great scores.

    But it appears that the past days, the RSS feed for new releases has stopped working for me, I am using Opera to read the RSS feeds.

    Is the feed working for anyone else?

  2. Hi, can you put 2 soundtracks ?
    The rescuers and the rescuers down under (disney cartoon) ?
    Thank you soon
    Good Job !

  3. PinkiPie the RSS feed works fine fore me (using newsbeuter). However Opera recently said they were hacked so it might be related to that if you have trouble with all your RSS feeds.

  4. Is this the official soundtrack. A number of websites give a different tracklist.

    Thanks and much obliged.

  5. Thanks sims. In fact I found the link after I had already posted my question.

  6. Anders: Thanks for the info.

    After restarting Opera it resolved on its own for me however, without any other actions necessary.

  7. Do you have the Dark Void soundtrack by Bear McCreary?

  8. Hello Admin, can you re-up this again please. The message states that the file could not be located. Thank you again for all you great work!!!

  9. Thank you ADMIN again let me say thanks for all your effort, it is very much apreciated!!!

  10. Please re-up this in hotlinks, thanks in advance

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