Batman Exclusive Original TV Soundtrack (by Nelson Riddle)

Batman Exclusive Original TV Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2014 (1966)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: V0
Playtime: 23:39

Thanks to Theo

1. Batman Theme (2:33)
2. Batman Riddles The Riddler! – Or – (Hi Diddle Riddle) (1:39)
3. Batusi A-Go! Go! – Or – (I Shouldn’t Wish To Attract Attention) (1:34)
4. Two Perfectly Ordinary People – Or – (!!!!) (0:42)
5. Holy-Hole-In-The-Doughnut – Or – (Robin, You’ve Done It Again!) (1:56)
6. Batman Pows The Penguin – Or – (Aha, My Fine-Feathered Finks!) (1:46)
7. To The Batmobile! (2:15)
8. Batman Blues (1:43)
9. Holy Flypaper (3:01)
10. Batman Thaws Mr. Freeze – Or – (That’s The Way The Ice-Cube Crumbles!) (2:03)
11. Gotham City (1:59)
12. Zelda Tempts Batman – Or – (Must He Go It Alone) (2:27)

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10 Comments on “Batman Exclusive Original TV Soundtrack (by Nelson Riddle)

  1. The Batman TV series was all that was wrong about comics based conversions by Hollywood. They very definitely set the genre back some twenty years. Nelson Riddles music was quite good, distinctive at the least, but also tended toward the farcical, with its whole vocalization of “Batman, Da Da da Batman”. Even as a child in the 70’s I found it horrendous. But underneath the farcical rubbish was actually some decent rhythms and music, which I found out once upon a time when I heard it without all the distracting vocalizations. I was not able to get a copy of this on CD, but I live in hope of on day finding it. At least this version of Batman had a theme, and it wasn’t just a single rising note as the latest big screen incarnation seems to have (not like the Danny Elfman version, nor the animated TV versions). So if this is the non vocal stuff, cheers, but if its got the vocals, yuk.

  2. Lighten up, dude, it was just a silly comedy.

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