Dracula The Musical (The Studio Cast Recording)

Dracula The Musical (The Studio Cast Recording)

Genre: Musical
Date: 2011
Country: USA
Audio codec: FLAC
Quality: lossless
Playtime: 46:06

1. Prologue / Over Whitby Bay (feat. Kate Shindle & Rob Evan)
2. Fresh Blood (feat. James Barbour)
3. The Mist (feat. Lauren Kennedy)
4. A Perfect Life (feat. Kate Shindle)
5. The Master’s Song (feat. Euan Morton)
6. Loving You Keeps Me Alive (feat. James Barbour)
7. Life After Life (feat. James Barbour & Lauren Kennedy)
8. Mina’s Cry (feat. Antoine Silverman & Bernd Schoenhart)
9. Please Don’t Make Me Love You (feat. Kate Shindle)
10. Before The Summer Ends (feat. Rob Evan)
11. The Heart Is Slow To Learn (feat. Kate Shindle)
12. Deep In The Darkest Night (feat. Norm Lewis)
13. The Longer I Live (feat. James Barbour)
14. At Last (feat. Kate Shindle & James Barbour)
15. Finale: There’s Always A Tomorrow (feat. Kate Shindle & James Barbour)

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  1. There is only one track in the folder. Where is the rest of it? Re-upload maybe?

  2. there’s something amiss with this link – can you re-up!?

  3. Can this link be re-upped, please

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