Young Frankenstein Soundtrack (by John Morris)

Young Frankenstein Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1975
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 40:58

1. Main Title (Theme From Young Frankenstein) (02:53)
2. That’s Fron-Kon-Steen! (03:14)
3. Train Ride To Transylvania – The Doctor Meets Igor (02:19)
4. Frau Blucher (02:25)
5. Grandfather’s Private Library (03:19)
6. It’s Alive! (03:27)
7. He Was My Boyfriend (03:23)
8. My Name Is Frankenstein! (03:18)
9. Introduction – Puttin’ On The Ritz (03:33)
10. A Riot Is An Ugly Thing (00:54)
11. He’s Broken Loose (06:14)
12. The Monster Talks (01:50)
13. Wedding Night End Title (01:10)
14. Theme From Young Frankenstein (02:53)

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4 Comments on “Young Frankenstein Soundtrack (by John Morris)

  1. Lots of memories come up when listening to this OST. I remember quite clearly watching this in cinema on the re-run somewhere in the early 80’s, ha, ha, what a movie it is!! Brooks certainly did a good job with this production. Thanx a lot DS!! 😉

  2. Could you please reupload this? Thank you.

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