Wuthering Heights Soundtrack (by Alfred Newman)

Wuthering Heights Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1977 (1939)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 40:51

1. Main Title And Foreword (2:58)
2. Joseph And Lockwood (4:02)
3. C.U. Lockwood – As Fortunate As Others (3:48)
4. Cathy Jumps Up (2:55)
5. Cathy’s Return (2:15)
6. Edgar And Cathy Entering Living Room (5:24)
7. The Garden (3:41)
8. Get Out Of My Way – Sir Roger De Coverley (3:58)
9. Why Isn’t There The Smell Of Heather (2:14)
10. He Walks To Bed (3:52)
11. Will You Forget Me – Death Scene – End Title (5:43)

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10 Comments on “Wuthering Heights Soundtrack (by Alfred Newman)

  1. Please
    Please Paris, Texas Soundtrack (by Ry Cooder)

  2. Hopefully you can fix this link as you did for Gettysburg.

  3. Thanks for fixng the link. But the file downloaded is NOT Wuthering Heights by Alfred Newman Conducted by Elmer Burnstein!!! It was the other guys.

  4. Tried downloading again. Still getting the version by Ryuichi Sakamoto not the one by Alfred Newman

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