War Of The Worlds Soundtrack (Complete by John Williams)

War Of The Worlds Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2006 (2005)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 1:42:06

CD 1
01. Prologue
02. Flatline [Performed by Aphasia] 03. After The Storm
04. The Intersection Scene
05. Ashes
06. Escape From The City
07. The Crash Site
08. Tripod Footage
09. Floating Corpses
10. Refugees
11. Taking Shelter In The Diner
12. If I Ruled The World [Performed by Tony Bennett] 13. The Sirens
14. The Ferry Scene
15. Falling Clothes & Running Up The Hill
16. The Separation Of The Family / The Basement
17. Ray Talks With Ogilvy
18. Probing The Basement
19. Probing The Basement Pt. 2
20. The Basement Pt. 2
21. Aliens Search The Basement
22. Ray Kills Ogilvy

CD 2
01. Caught
02. Escape From The Basket
03. The Return To Boston
04. The Dying Alien Appears
05. The Reunion (Instrumental)
06. Prologue (Album)
07. Escape from the Basket Segment (Unused)
08. The Intersection Scene (Album)
09. Ray and Rachel (Unused)
10. The Attack on the Car (Unused)
11. Refugee Status (Unused)
12. Probing the Basement Segment (Unused)
13. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [Performed by Hushabye Mountain] 14. Seperation of the Family Segment (Unused)
15. The Reunion (Album)
16. Epilogue (Album)

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  1. Can you re-upload this soundtrack, please ? Thank you.

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