Un Dollaro Bucato (Blood For A Silver Dollar) Soundtrack (by Gianni Ferrio)

Un Dollaro Bucato (Blood For A Silver Dollar) Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2013 (1965)
Country: Italy
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 52:11

01. A Man… A Story (02:03)
02. Pistoleros In Agguato (01:24)
03. A Man… A Story (01:04)
04. Pistoleros In Agguato (01:31)
05. Pianino Relax (02:34)
06. Give Me Back (01:45)
07. Gary Al Palo (01:37)
08. La Trappola Mortale (01:45)
09. Il Ricercato (01:06)
10. Give Me Back (01:40)
11. Give Me Back (Vocal) (02:06)
12. Tragico Presagio (01:58)
13. Pistoleros In Agguato (02:03)
14. A Man… A Story (01:06)
15. Quando Eravamo Nel Sud (01:42)
16. Judy E Il Fuorilegge (01:14)
17. Pianino Relax N.2 (00:49)
18. Il Guado (01:06)
19. A Man… A Story (01:42)
20. La Rivelazione Finale (02:00)
21. A Man… A Story (Vocal) [Bonus Track (Mono)] (02:17)
22. Un Dollaro Bucato (Suite #1) [Bonus Track (Mono)] (02:03)
23. Un Dollaro Bucato (Suite #2) [Bonus Track (Mono)] (04:30)
24. Un Dollaro Bucato (Suite #3) [Bonus Track (Mono)] (04:51)
25. A Man… A Story [Bonus Track (Stereo Mix)] (02:05)
26. Give Me Back (Vocal) [Bonus Track (Stereo Mix)] (02:05)
27. A Man… A Story (Vocal) [Bonus Track (Stereo Mix)] (02:17)

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5 Comments on “Un Dollaro Bucato (Blood For A Silver Dollar) Soundtrack (by Gianni Ferrio)

  1. Hi Admin,
    YesterdayI wanted to download that music by Gianni Ferrio, but could not do it as the download interrupted, with a message appearing to me saying that either “a virus or un unsafe software is contained in the file”. I have a MacBook.

    Could you check the file, please ? thx in advance.

  2. I tried again and got the same message. It never happened to me before on any file of the site that I visit since 2011. This file is definitely infected, but maybe only for people using Macintosh system

  3. While I can’t pretend to know what Sylvain encountered, I have downloaded it and no problem. I use Mac as well. There is a thread on this topic (uploaded virus warnings) on a site called tehparadox.com (don’t worry, not a plug, they’re OST section is forlorn). Users there had this same thing occur with uploads from two very trusted uploaders and uploaded.to links (a lot of repetition here!). After emptying their cookies and cache, turning off and on, they retried the link with no problem. I haven’t rechecked that thread in a month or two, but at that point users were surmising it is uploaded related spam.
    Thanks for the soundtrack!

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