Ulysse 31 Soundtrack revisited (by PARALLAX)

Ulysse 31 Soundtrack revisited

Genre: Score
Date: 2013
Country: France
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:15:08

Thanks to Richie

1. Ulysse
2. La base de Troie
3. Nono
4. Le départ de l’Odysseus
5. La sphère
6. Le cyclope et les moines aveugles (nouvelle version 2014)
7. Ulysse terrasse le cyclope (nouvelle version 2014)
8. Terre inconnue (1 et 2)(nouvelle version 2014)
9. Perdus dans l’Olympe
10. L’Odysseus
11. Les compagnons figés
12. L’étrange cosmos de l’Olympe
13. L’attaque des tridents (nouvelle version 2014)
14. La poursuite
15. Chronos
16. Récits et légendes
17. Sisyphe
18. Douce Thémis
19. Heureux Télémaque
20. Au mépris du danger
21. La malédiction
22. La gloire finale
23. Le piège d’Eole
24. Les deux Télémaque
25. Ulysse rencontre Ulysse
26. Echappatoire
27. Vaisseau PX27 (1 et 2)
28. Univers malveillant
29. Un long et beau voyage
30. En avant toute !
31. Retour sur Terre

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9 Comments on “Ulysse 31 Soundtrack revisited (by PARALLAX)

  1. Heyy!!!….., What is it?.. Soundtrck Game, or Movie Pictures?.. Cool. Many Thanks.

  2. Yes! You beauty! This is the best OST on here!
    Already had a few tracks from this, but was starting to think the guy was never gonna finish it.
    It’s a re-do of the old 80s TV cartoon soundtrack. The original was brilliant, & this French guy has done an absolutely superb job on this update. Can’t wait to hear the rest.
    A million thx to him & admin for this one! Keep up the good work, & let’s hope they release the old Dungeons & Dragons OST too, before I’m 70!

  3. it’s an old very good cartoon 30 year ago in France 😉

  4. Admin, this is the pre-release version, by the looks, as there are 3 songs missing from the above list in the download, & others are the 2007 versions, not the 2014 ones. If you come across the full release, then please upload!^^
    This zip file is so large due to there being a 12min video with it. I must admit after watching it, that this French guy, ‘David Colin’, is some kind of genius. The work (over 7 yrs) that has gone into this is incredible. I prostrate myself at his feet. He deserves a medal or something.

  5. Feel so lucky to have found this soundtrack, it’s wonderful. Thank you

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