Two Steps From Hell – Orion

Two Steps From Hell - Orion

Genre: Trailer Music
Date: 2013
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:29:24

01. Aeterna
02. The Fire In Her Eyes
03. Rain Of Light
04. Rebirth
05. Orion

01. Aeterna (No Choir No Solo)
02. Arterna (No Choir)
03. The Fire In Her Eyes (No Celo Solo)
04. Rain Of Light (Instrumental)
06. Rebirth (No Solos)
07. Rebirth (No Vocal No Solos)
08. Orion (No Solos No Choir No Vocals)
09. Orion (No Vocals No Choir)
10. Orion (Short Version 1)
11. Orion (Short Version 2)
12. Orion (Short Version Instrumental 2)
13. Rebirth (Instrumental)

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  1. Could you please reupload hotlink, Thank you very much for your hard work 🙂

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