True Romance Soundtrack (by Hans Zimmer & VA)

True Romance Soundtrack

Genre: Score / Soundtrack
Date: 1993
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 46:59

01. Hans Zimmer – You’re So Cool
02. Charlie Sexton – Graceland
03. John Waite – In Dreams
04. Charles & Eddie – Wounded Bird
05. Nymphomania – I Want Your Body
06. Hans Zimmer – Stars At Dawn
07. Shelby Lynne – I Need A Heart To Come Home To
08. Delibes – Viens Mallika Sous Le Dome
09. Robert Palmer – (Love Is) The Tender Trap
10. Soundgarden – Outshined
11. Hans Zimmer – Amid The Chaos Of The Day
12. Chris Issak – Two Hearts

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  2. Would you like to submit a new release: True Romance (Score) 2017? Thanks)

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