Thief Soundtrack (Expanded by Tangerine Dream, Craig Safan)

Thief Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1981
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 81:39

01. Main Titles / The Heist (10:46)
02. Sam’s Forge (3:10)
03. Chicago Courtroom (4:38)
04. Tailed / The Break-In (9:58)
05. San Diego Beach / Love Scene (3:44)
06. Frank Is Set Up (4:30)
07. Destruction (3:17)
08. Final Confrontation / End Credits (5:47)
09. Trap Feeling (2:57)
10. Chicago Courtroom (alternate) (5:18)
11. Tailed / The Break-In (alternate) (4:46)
12. Beach Theme #1 (6:11)
13. Beach Theme #2 (6:47)
14. Destruction (alternate) (4:12)
15. Final Confrontation (alternate) (5:35)

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5 Comments on “Thief Soundtrack (Expanded by Tangerine Dream, Craig Safan)

  1. Nice compilation. You should really call it “Thief” meets “Force Majuere” because just like I did for my compilation all you did was include tracks from that album and put it together as a Thief album. Nothing really extra from the film itself–no Mighty Joe Young band, not the actual “destruction” track from the film, nor the proper ending to “Frank is Set Up”. But the sound quality is good and it’s completely free. Thanks, I guess.

  2. ….the hotfile account is closed, any chance to re-upload?

  3. will you please re-up THIEF (EXPANDED). Thank you.

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