The Wizard Of OZ Soundtrack (75th Anniversary Anthology)

Genre: Soundtrack
Date: 2014 (1939)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:18:05

01. The Wizard of Oz Overture (05:04)
02. Behind the Scenes of "The Wizard of Oz": How a Picture Is Created (08:13)
03. Over The Rainbow (debut performance) (05:01)
04. The Wizard of Oz Medley 1 (03:02)
05. Munchkinland Musical Sequence 1 (02:38)
06. If I Were King Of The Forest (03:35)
07. The Wizard of Oz Finale Medley (03:38)
08. Over The Rainbow (02:48)
09. Munchkinland Musical Sequence 2 (06:00)
10. Follow The Yellow Brick Road / We're Off To See The Wizard (02:33)
11. If I Only Had A Brain (02:59)
12. If I Only Had A Heart / If I Only Had The Nerve (02:58)
13. The Merry Old Land Of Oz (02:57)
14. The Jitterbug (02:44)
15. Over The Rainbow (02:31)
16. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (02:34)
17. If I Only Had A Brain (03:11)
18. The Merry Old Land Of Oz (02:23)
19. The Jitterbug (02:30)
20. Over The Rainbow (02:41)
21. The Wizard Of Oz Medley 2 (03:34)
22. Dialogue: Dorothy's Farewell (There's No Place Like Home) / End Title ( (01:30)
23. Over The Rainbow (02:47)

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