The Pirate Fairy Soundtrack (by Joel McNeely)

The Pirate Fairy Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2014
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3+M4A
Quality: 320 kbps+256 kbs
Playtime: 21:49

Thanks to KevinG

1. Who I Am (From “The Pirate Fairy”) – Natasha Bedingfield (02:46)
2. What If There Was Pink? (01:34)
3. Zarina the Alchemist (01:26)
4. Zarina Visits Tink (01:30)
5. Four Seasons Opening Ceremony (01:32)
6. Captain Zarina (02:00)
7. The Frigate That Flies – The Pirate Ensemble (02:45)
8. James Betrays Zarina (02:40)
9. A Very Familiar Coat (02:32)
10. Fairy Dusted Festival (02:59)

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8 Comments on “The Pirate Fairy Soundtrack (by Joel McNeely)

  1. thanks for sofia the first and pirate fairy..
    You’re awesome!

  2. can u plzzz upload soundtrack of 5 days of war (5 days of august) (2011)

  3. Fantastic!Can you upload the other Tinkerbell OSTs?Like Secret of The Wings?I would be grateful if you do.And keep up the awesome work.Thank you.

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