The Perfect Storm Soundtrack (Complete by James Horner)

The Perfect Storm Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2000
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 02:27:58

01 Coming Home From The Sea (09:25)
02 Father and Son (01:53)
03 ‘The Fog’s Just Lifting’ (04:16)
04 ‘Let’s Go, Boys’ (08:58)
05 Sable Island (02:24)
06 ‘Fish On!’ (02:50)
07 Striking Out – Shark! – Hurricane Grace (04:35)
08 Murph Overboard! (03:33)
09 To The Flemish Cap (07:17)
10 The Perfect Storm (03:45)
11 Air National Guard To The Rescue (03:48)
12 Saving Mistral – Storms Collide (05:07)
13 Small Victories (10:07)
14 Failure To Refuel (01:49)
15 Ditching The Chopper (02:38)
16 The Decision To Turn Around (06:32)
17 Coast Guard Rescue (10:06)
18 Rogue Wave (02:40)
19 The Loss of The Andrea Gail (03:57)
20 ‘…Is There Anything Better in The World’ (03:42)
21 ‘There’s No Goodbye, Only Love’ (07:33)
22 Yours Forever (performed by John Mellencamp) (04:02)
22 Yours Forever and End Titles (06:29)
23 Coming Home (alternate) (09:22)
24 ‘Let’s Go, Boys’ (alternate with added guitar) (09:01)
25 To The Flemish Cap (alternate) (03:44)
26 Storms Collide (alternate with no electronics) (03:16)
27 Coast Guard Rescue (alternate, softer ending) (00:55)
28 Longliners (04:03)

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15 Comments on “The Perfect Storm Soundtrack (Complete by James Horner)

  1. Can you re-up? Doesn’t seem to be any music in the zip file!

  2. I’ve downloaded the file a few 360 Mb but it appears to me to be hidden, the folder Gets information but only two photographs are

  3. I have downloaded it three times… Each time, the zip file size is 360 Mb, but there is no music in it ! Only the covers. Very amazing!

    Thanks for your wonderful website.

  4. Same problem as Bertrand here, I only get the covers, no songs.

  5. Re-up pleaaaaaaaaase… I heard that score live the other day, it was fantastic.

  6. could you re up this beautiful score please ?

  7. Hello Can anybody tell me where to find this version of The Perfect Storm

    Thanks All

  8. Same problem here. Only covers are coming up. No music files, yet the folder is 360mb. Would you please fix?
    Thanks so much!!

  9. Los archivos mp3 estan ocultos, deben llevarlos a un editor de sonido y alli apareceran. y podran observar la forma de onda. los archivos poseen un punto (.) al inicio eso significa que estan codificados por el sistema de sonido para permanecer ocultos. Lo unico que tienen que hacer es quitarle ese punto al nombre del archivo y listo lo exportan a 320 klb cbr. Ya yo lo hice¡ y me resulto mas adelante envio el link.

  10. I know there were issues with finding the music files through the last server, but I tried downloading through hot link and the music files still do not show up. Only the front and back jpeg covers!
    Is there any chance you can figure out what is going on? The folder says 360 mb?
    Thanks so much for your help!

  11. This link does not contain any music..only cover art.

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