The Mercy Soundtrack (by Johann Johannsson)

The Mercy Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2018
Country: UK
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 56:48

01. Flares (1:11)
02. Boating For Beginners (1:35)
03. The Good Ship Teignmouth Electron (2:56)
04. Jóhannsson: A Sparrow Alighted Upon Our Shoulder (2:26)
05. Terra Firma (2:38)
06. Into The Wide And Deep Unknown (2:17)
07. Jóhannsson: Good Morning, Midnight (3:17)
08. A Sea Without Shores (1:32)
09. Karen býr til engil (Remastered) (3:44)
10. Innocence (From “Free The Mind” Soundtrack) (1:10)
11. The Doldrums (2:12)
12. Meditation (From “Free The Mind” Soundtrack) (1:29)
13. The Horse Latitudes (3:15)
14. Radio (From “Free The Mind” Soundtrack) (3:50)
15. The Furious Sea Of Fogs And Squalls (1:14)
16. Three Thousand Five Hundred And Ninety One Benches (From “Copenhagen Dreams” Soundtrack) (1:49)
17. The Captain’s Log (1:50)
18. The Mercy (6:03)
19. She Loves To Ride The Port Ferry When It Rains (From “Copenhagen Dreams” Soundtrack) (3:04)
20. Jóhannsson: The Radiant City (3:30)
21. Jóhannsson: A Pile Of Dust (4:50)
22. At 19°41’10.40 North 79°52’37.83 West, Lies The Shadow (0:56)

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8 Comments on “The Mercy Soundtrack (by Johann Johannsson)

  1. My second favourite (after Richter), Jóhannsson.

  2. Sir. Can u plz release soundtrack of BBC documentary One Life (2011). Official or unofficial bootleg. Anything is fine. Really love the music in that especially end credits. Plz do it. Thanks☺

  3. If there is official well and good. Or else unofficial BBC one life (2011).

  4. Admin,
    thank you for more Johann Johannsson. Tour efforts for finding Johann Johannsson and Richter are very must appreciated

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