The Keep Soundtrack (by Tangerine Dream)

The Keep Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1999 (1983)
Country: Germany
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 192 kbs
Playtime: 59:22

Thanks DON for this ost

1. Puer Natus Est Nobis (Gloria T (03:09)
2. Ancient Powerplant (04:28)
3. The Silver Seal (03:07)
4. Voices From A Common Land (04:06)
5. Arx Allemand (03:27)
6. The Night In Romania (03:15)
7. Canzone (02:51)
8. Sign In The Dark (04:19)
9. Weird Village (03:23)
10. Love And Destiny (03:31)
11. The Challenger`s Arrival (04:32)
12. Supernatural Accomplice (04:07)
13. Parallel Worlds (04:29)
14. Truth And Fiction (02:52)
15. Wardays Sunrise (03:20)
16. Heritage Survival (04:17)

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6 Comments on “The Keep Soundtrack (by Tangerine Dream)

  1. Great OST but… there are 4 no’s missing after 16. They are : 17. South Camora 4:06 min. / 18. Moorland 4:04 min. / 19. Silver Scale 3:55min. / 20. The Keep (Logos) 8:00 min. Hope to have assisted you. 😉

  2. Maurice,
    There are more versions for The Keep that have been released than you have fingers on your right hand. This was but one of the several. Some have had good sound quality and some didn’t.
    Here is a link for the four tracks you are concerned about. By the way. They were released altogether on another issue although the other tracks were included.

    South Camora-Moorland-Silver Scale-Logos

    This link won’t be up forever.

  3. Don
    Thanks a lot for your concerns, I already have the tracks that are missing from the original Link as shared by DS. Great to know that we can communicate this way. I got the complete OST a while ago, it was such a fantastic moment, especially because the quality was awesome. At that time I was unaware of DS, searching was a lot harder back then. 😉 Tangerine Dream has made several other cool OST’s, the ones done in the early 80’s sound similar to this great score. Wavelength (1983) has got some nice tracks, too.

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