The Dilemma Soundtrack (Recording Sessions by Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe)

The Dilemma Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2011
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 1:02:57

01. HTL 1m00 v1.08 c1021 Opening x040-15_Full 2mx (01:34)
02. HTL 1m01 v1.13 c1021 Car Show x041-15_Full 2mx (02:12)
03. HTL 1m02 v1.04 c1007 Slow Dance x007-15_Full 2mx (02:15)
04. HTL 1m03 v1.04 c1021 Ping Pong Love x042-15_Full 2mx (00:54)
05. HTL 1m04 v3.01 c1021 Back of the Cab x043-15_Full 2mx (01:04)
06. HTL 1m05 v2.03 c1021 Not Gay x044-15_Full 2mx (01:03)
07. HTL 1m06 v1.04 c1021 Brennan Fanfare x011-15_Full 2mx (00:29)
08. HTL 1m07 v2.05 c1021 Ronny Compromises x045-15_Full 2mx (01:03)
09. Dilemma 1m08 Long-Deal Made (01:10)
10. HTL 1m08 v2.02 c1021 Deal Made x046-15_Full 2mx (00:44)
11. Dilemma 2m09 Pt 1-Garden Music (04:12)
12. Dilemma 2m09 Pt 2-Garden Music (02:10)
13. HTL 2m10 v1.00 c1021 The Prognosis x047-15_Full 2mx (00:32)
14. HTL 2m11a v1.01 c1021 We Need To Talk x048-15_Full 2mx (02:48)
15. HTL 2m11b v1.00 c1021 Advice at the Bank x049-15_Full 2mx (00:57)
16. HTL 2m11c ALT v1.01 c1021 Ronny Talks To Diane x052-15_Full 2mx (00:58)
17. HTL 2m11d v1.01 c1021 You Have Eight Minutes x051-15_Full 2mx (04:05)
18. HTL 3m13 v2.01 c1021 Handjob Spy x059-15_Full 2mx (01:18)
19. HTL 3m14 v1.10 c1029 Massage Billards x060-15_Full 2mx (02:44)
20. HTL 3m15 v2.00 c1021 Ronny Out Late x057-15_Full 2mx (01:24)
21. HTL 3m16 v1.07 c1021 Paranoid x061-15_Full 2mx (01:28)
22. HTL 3m17 v1.04 c1021 Lowdown From Felix x055-15_Full 2mx (00:42)
23. HTL 3m18 v3.02 c1021 Climbing the Tree x062-15_Full 2mx (00:51)
24. HTL 4m20 v1.05 c1021 Sad Sack Misdirect x023-15_Full 2mx (00:38)
25. HTL 4m21 v1.03 c1029 Oh Yeah, The Anniversary x024-15_Full 2mx (00:56)
26. HTL 4m23 v1.11 c1021 Untrustworthy x064-15_Full 2mx (00:51)
27. HTL 4m25 v1.03 c1021 Camera Retrieval x065-15_Full 2mx (00:32)
28. HTL 4m27 v1.01 c1021 Talking It Out Elect Vrsn x033-15_Full 2mx (01:38)
29. HTL 4m27 v1.01 c1021 Talking It Out Band Vrsn x066-15_Full 2mx (01:38)
30. HTL 5m28 v2.02 Nick Leaves Intervention x034-15_Full 2mx (00:51)
31. HTL 5m29 v2.06 c1021 Ronny Goes Walking x035-15_Full 2mx (01:11)
32. HTL 5m30 v4.00 c1012 Its Not Healthy String Vrsn x06815_Full 2mx (03:39)
33. Dilemma 5m30-Its Not Healthy ( (03:30)
34. Dilemma 5m30-Its Not Healthy ( (03:30)
35. HTL 5m31 v1.01 c1021 To Chrysler Meeting x036-15_Full 2mx (01:08)
36. HTL 5m32 v2.02 c1021 Moment of Truth x069-15_Full 2mx (01:00)
37. HTL 6m33 v1.04 c1021 Cut These Lunatics a Cheque x070-15_Full 2mx (01:12)
38. HTL 6m34 v1.01 c1021 Miracle on Ice x071-15_Full 2mx (01:08)
39. HTL 6m35 v1.00 c1021 End Credits x039-15_Full 2mx (02:42)

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