The AVA Collection Soundtrack (Elmer Bernstein)

Genre: Score
Date: 2014
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 2:49:50

1. Walk On The Wild Side [Walk On The Wild Side] (02:47)
2. Somewhere In The Used To Be [Walk On The Wild Side] (02:06)
3. Hallie’s Jazz [Walk On The Wild Side] (03:37)
4. Rejected [Walk On The Wild Side] (04:09)
5. Doll House [Walk On The Wild Side] (02:40)
6. Teresina [Walk On The Wild Side] (01:58)
7. Night Theme [Walk On The Wild Side] (02:23)
8. Walk On The Wild Side Jazz [Walk On The Wild Side] (02:22)
9. Dove [Walk On The Wild Side] (02:33)
10. Kitty [Walk On The Wild Side] (02:40)
11. Oliver [Walk On The Wild Side] (02:32)
12. Reminiscence [Walk On The Wild Side] (01:47)
13. Finale [Walk On The Wild Side] (01:43)
14. The Carpetbaggers [The Carpetbaggers] (02:34)
15. Love Theme From The Carpetbaggers [The Carpetbaggers] (02:42)
16. Speak Of The Devil [The Carpetbaggers] (02:05)
17. Forbidden Room [The Carpetbaggers] (02:22)
18. The Carpetbaggers Blues [The Carpetbaggers] (03:53)
19. Main Title From The Carpetbaggers [The Carpetbaggers] (02:12)
20. New Star [The Carpetbaggers] (02:18)
21. The Producer Asks For A Divorce [The Carpetbaggers] (02:38)
22. Jonas Hits Bottom [The Carpetbaggers] (02:53)
23. Finale [The Carpetbaggers] (01:47)

1. Black Straight-Jacket [The Caretakers] (02:10)
2. Blues For A 4-String Guitar [The Caretakers] (02:42)
3. Take Care [The Caretakers] (02:06)
4. Birdito [The Caretakers] (02:29)
5. Party In The Ward [The Caretakers] (02:03)
6. The Caretakers (Main Title) [The Caretakers] (02:19)
7. The Cage [The Caretakers] (02:04)
8. Electrotherapy [The Caretakers] (02:07)
9. Day Hospital [The Caretakers] (01:44)
10. Seclusion [The Caretakers] (01:44)
11. Finale [The Caretakers] (02:24)
12. Baby The Rain Must Fall [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (02:30)
13. Henry’s Heap [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (02:49)
14. Shine For Me [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (02:36)
15. Travelin’ Lady [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (02:41)
16. Treat Me Right [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (02:02)
17. Gospel Time [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (02:39)
18. Pecan Grove Rock [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (02:48)
19. Baby The Rain Must Fall [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (02:29)
20. Wagon Wheel Watusi [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (01:55)
21. Main Title Theme From Baby The Rain Must Fall [Baby The Rain Must Fall] (02:47)

1. Main Title [To Kill A Mockingbird] (03:00)
2. Roll In The Tire [To Kill A Mockingbird] (02:09)
3. The Search For Boo [To Kill A Mockingbird] (02:47)
4. Jem’s Discovery [To Kill A Mockingbird] (03:25)
5. To Kill A Mockingbird [To Kill A Mockingbird] (02:13)
6. Tree Treasure [To Kill A Mockingbird] (03:55)
7. Lynch Mob [To Kill A Mockingbird] (02:47)
8. Footsteps In The Dark [To Kill A Mockingbird] (02:02)
9. Children Attacked [To Kill A Mockingbird] (02:08)
10. Scout & Boo [To Kill A Mockingbird] (02:39)
11. Summer’s End [To Kill A Mockingbird] (02:58)
12. Rat Race (From The Paramount Picture) [Movie And TV Themes] (02:16)
13. Three Time Blueser (From The TV Show Take Five) [Movie And TV Themes] (03:13)
14. Radio Hysteria (From The R.K.O. Picture Sudden Fear) [Movie And TV Themes] (02:10)
15. Anna Lucasta (From The United Artists Picture) [Movie And TV Themes] (03:54)
16. Hop, Skip But Jump [Movie And TV Themes] (03:23)
17. Saints And Sinners (From The Four Star TV Production) [Movie And TV Themes] (02:04)
18. Sweet Smell Of Success (From The United Artists Picture) [Movie And TV Themes] (03:24)
19. The Man With The Golden Arm (From The United Artists Picture) [Movie And TV Themes] (02:53)
20. Jubilation [Movie And TV Themes] (04:24)
21. Walk On The Wild Side (From The Columbia Picture) [Movie And TV Themes] (03:44)

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19 Comments on “The AVA Collection Soundtrack (Elmer Bernstein)

  1. I am exceedingly grateful for many of the things you have posted. I have gone on to buy many, but I cannot just throw away $20 on the dozens of “maybe” releases. This helps me narrow my choices to the half dozen or so I can afford each month. Otherwise, I’d probably just keep playing my older stuff and never even try some of the newer composers.

  2. Thank you for all your gems. Truly commendable. And I hope the small number of ungrateful ones don’t ruin it for everyone else. There are many more appreciators of you then not. Thank you and thank you again!

  3. Thanks a lot for your magnificent job
    Gracias for UL

  4. I think the few who complain are just trying to ruin it for the rest of us. Please ignore the minority and know the majority REALLY appreciate all you do!

  5. Uploaded link is no longer active, any way to activate? Thanks very much.

  6. Hello There
    Thank you very kindly for this upload I appreciate that.
    Just wondering, I tried to download this file 3 times and
    every time part 3 or CD3 is never completed..!!
    Any recommendations please?
    Thank you kindly

  7. Hoping to find the soundtrack, or at the very least the theme to the UK TV series Arthur Of The Brittons. Then there is also the spin-off movie from the TV series which consisted of several episodes edited together to form a whole story. This movie was called The Young Warlord. (I have the movie on VHS, and the TV series on DVD).

  8. Forgot to mention that the Theme was by Elmer Bernstein, and possibly the score to the movie (I cannot remember, its been a while since I last watched it as my Video machine packed in).

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