The Amazing Spider-Man Soundtrack (Complete by James Horner)

The Amazing Spider-Man Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2012
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 2:00:47

01. Main Title – Young Peter (4:36)
02. Main Title Rev. (1:25)
03. Main Title Alt. (2:09)
04. Classroom (1:35)
05. Briefcase Discovery (3:40)
06. Briefcase Discovery Rev. (1:34)
07. OSCORP (0:36)
08. OSCORP Rev. (1:15)
09. Inside OSCORP (1:12)
10. Peter Impresses Connors (1:35)
11. Peter Impresses Connors Rev. (1:45)
12. Falling Spiders (2:39)
13. Ratha 1 (1:57)
14. sleuthfix Ratha 1 (0:32)
15. Rumble in the Subway (1:24)
16. Meatloaf (2:24)
17. Sticky Fingers Pt. 1 (2:12)
18. Sticky Fingers Pt. 2 (1:12)
19. Peter’s Equation (3:08)
20. Basketball Court (1:33)
21. The Ganali Device (2:31)
22. Peter Storms Out (0:50)
23. Bye Bye Ben (4:32)
24. Bye Bye Ben Rev. (4:35)
25. Peter and the Thugs (2:10)
26. Becoming Spider-Man (4:25)
27. A Narrow Escape (1:56)
28. Ratha 2 (2:26)
29. Connor’s Dream (2:07)
30. Metamorphosis (1:58)
31. Up on the Roof (2:40)
32. I’m in Trouble (0:30)
33. Lizard on the Bridge (5:44)
34. Peter’s Suspicions Grow (3:10)
35. Making a Silk Trap (3:19)
36. ewer Fight (1:27)
37. Gwen’s Fears / Peter’s Guilt (2:50)
38. School Fight (5:36)
39. Lizard Wreaks Havoc Pt. 1 (1:49)
40. Lizard Wreaks Havoc Pt. 2 (2:34)
41. Saving New York (8:49)
42. Tower (4:11)
43. I Can’t See You Anymore (7:04)
44. Promises (2:32)
45. The Amazing Spiderman: End Credits (2:39)

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26 Comments on “The Amazing Spider-Man Soundtrack (Complete by James Horner)

  1. can you upload the The Dark Knight Rise Z+ App music??
    it’s on ffshrine
    soooo excited about the Wayne Manor track…

  2. Horner at his worst. Awfull score. He was a genius back in the 90’s, since the Perfect Storm he just have music Alzheimer… Rocketeer was great, this is pure Shit.

  3. SpikeWilliam: You should be thankful for having such a great score instead of the droneless noise that would have got if Zimmer or their cronies have done the score.

  4. This was not a genuine score from Horner. Some tracks are from other movies he scored before. I am not joking. In fact I have always been a huge Horner fan since Krull but I have to admit that his late scores are painful to listen. He lost his mojo 10 years ago. Avatar was a rip off of James Newton Howard scores and his musical patterns including bells and themes are anoying as hell. The Amazing Spider-Man has an amazingly poor soundtrack, even worse than the actual Young score that was far beyond Elfman’s great works on the first two movies.
    Patrick Doyle, John Powell would have done a very good job on this one. Horner just get it all wrong and confusing. That’s my opinion.

  5. Seconded. James Horner & his creativity issue is an old song. His fans just close their eyes & being biased. These scores not only are lacking in creativity but shows no depth whatsoever. Plus the supposedly thematic scores for Spidey are simply forgettable & misplaced by a bunch of patriotic arrangements. What’s this? A soundtrack for Captain America? Danny Elfman, on the other hand, composed an excellent iconic scores worthy for the world class superheroes like Spider-Man. I’m sorry to say this but Horner just doesn’t have it to make scores for such iconic figure of superhero.

  6. David : Droneless? WTF? Were you typing under influence? The whole statements suggested that you hate Hans Zimmer. You meant droning perhaps. But since you think so highly of Horner’s works, i don’t think it’s a typographical error. Anyway, at least Hans Zimmer has a huge collection of awards & zero creativity / plagiarism issue. Unlike a certain someone who, i agree, has lost his mojo long time ago. Considering he ever had any before.

  7. Da Man!! Do you have the 320 kbs version for this one?

  8. Chris, I don’t agree on your Zimmer statement. Zimmer uses others to create great and creatives soundtracks. Harry Gregson-Williams, Marc Mancina, Trevor Rabin, Nick Glennie Smith and more recently Steve Jablonsky (which is the real genius behind mediaventure scores today). He get rid of Rabin when Pirates of the Caribbeans became a huge success, ripping off everything Rabin composed before, taking all the merits of the scores of Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End (the fourth movie has a really bad soundtrack though). He get rid of James Newton Howard too after the success of the Dark Knight… but still getting everything he composed on the third installment. And I’m not talking about ripping off Brian Tyler and Two Steps From Hell on his late scores. Zimmer did some fantastic works on The Ring, The Lion King, The Thin Red Line (which sounds strangely like Jon Brion’s magnolia score) or recently in The Pacific. Inception Was also great, but not so creative after all and quite repetitive.

  9. Spike : Dear friend, all i typed was “Anyway, at least Hans Zimmer has a huge collection of awards & zero creativity / plagiarism issue.” And it’s merely a factual data they put on-line, check his achievements if you don’t believe that. And as for the creativity factor, well i believe you know it better as a die-hard soundtrack fan. I’m not sided with Zimmer nor i’m a fan of his. What i typed down was just a bunch of dead beat facts. That being said, i’m sorry that you got the wrong impression that i’m Zimmer’s fan & that i was promoting him. I love soundtracks & musics but i don’t necessarily love the composers. I’m the guy who sits on the lounge & enjoys the music played in the background. If it sounds good & appealing to me, i’d try to find out who is the musician otherwise i just enjoy the musics. I hope this would clear some things up.

  10. Spike : Hey, nice to know that you’re a knowledgeable soundtrack fans. Oh i just know Harry Gregson-Williams & Marc Mancina from the few names you mentioned. Harry composes music for Enemy of The States & Metal Gear Solid – Son of Liberty, right? BTW, as a critical soundtrack fan, How do you see the seniors like John Williams, Danny Elfman or Ennio Morricone? Are they trully deserves to be legends? Steve Jablonsky? That’s the guy who composed scores for Harry Potter & Transformers, right? Personally, i’m not really into him though. So you were saying that Zimmer is the guy who would ask people to scratch his back & stab their back in return? Oh wow, How about that! Jerks are everywhere i guess. It’s so sad to know that someone would plunder his own partner off his well earned credit & take it all for himself & won awards for that. Oh from what i read on the news, James Newton Howard was offered to do The Dark knight Rises scores together but James declined because he felt that Zimmer’s chemistry & Nolan makes him feel like a third wheel. So that’d make much more sense if what you said is true. Damn it man! How can he still won awards after those crimes? I can never enjoy the soundtracks the same way again. It’s gonna be like “Is it a plagiarism? Is it composed by someone who stole the credit?”

  11. Well…well…well…This is what a classy comment section should be. Exchanging opinions, views & knowledge. Thank you guys! I’ve got myself quite a good bunch of info :p

  12. I would like to add that Elfman’s Score of the first Hulk movie is incredible, as well of his works on Tim Burton’s Batman flicks. But what he did on Hellboy II was quite a disappointment, compared to Beltrami’s incredible soundtrack.

  13. Hellboy 2? Even the movie itself was a big disappointment IMO. Love Danny Elfman’s Batman scores as well as his work on Sam Raimi’s Spidey & on The Flash. I think by far, Danny Elfman is the composer that has composed the most soundtracks for superheroes flicks. If i’m not mistaken that is. John Williams only composed once for Superman.

  14. Shirley Walker did a wonderful work too on Batman The Animated Series. May she rest in peace.

  15. Chris, concerning Zimmer, I love his late soundtracks, it’s just that I don’t like the way he sees his “partenerships”. James Newton Howard was put aside for The Dark Knight Rises because of the Inception Score I guess, but still, there is a lot of Newton Howard themes in the third movie… I’m not an anti-Zimmer. I’m just fed up with all the fuzz around his works. It seems that for a lot of people he’s a real genius, but in reality he’s far from being one. He’s just the master behind his label (Media Ventures) which is composed of a lot of other composers. To my mind to speak of Zimmer works is more speaking about all the Media Ventures works.
    Jablonsky is also a well known and appreciated video game composer (Gears of War) and worked on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other survivals from Bay’s productions. His score of The Island is a pure hit and I absolutely love the last Transformer Score too.
    Harry Gregson-Williams composed a lot of great soundtracks: Enemy of the State with Trevor Rabin, Chicken Run with John Powell, Shrek’s movies, Spy Game, Man on Fire, Team America, Kingdom of Heaven, Domino, Metal Gear Solid 2,3,4, Seraphim Falls, Déjà Vu, Gone Baby Gone, Narnia 1&2, The Town, Unstoppable etc. The guy also composed the first Modern Warfare which is incredible (The Zimmer soundtrack in MW2 is shitty compared to the first and the Brian Tyler score on MW3 is amazing). Mark Mancina composed the scores of Bad Boys, Twister (his greatest), Disney’s Tarzan, Speed, Con air and worked on the first seasons of Criminal Minds.
    About the Seniors I consider Jerry Goldsmith as the greatest composer of all time. I also love the scores of John Williams, Mychael Nyman (a God), Philip Glass, Michael Kamen, Basil Poledouris, Ennio Morricone (One upon a time in America!), Max Steiner, Elmer Bernstein, John Barry and of course Bernard Herrmann.
    William’s latest works aren’t so good, especially Tintin’s score or the last Indiana Jones. War Horse was good, but too academic in my own opinion. Elfman is a really good composer as well. his latest scores are very different from what he used to compose before, and I really like his scores of Terminator Salavtion, The Kingdom and Wanted. HIs collaboration with Tim Burton are wonderful (Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns, Sleepy Hollow…)
    In the new generation I am a huge fan of Brian Tyler, Michael Giacchino, Marco Beltrami, Jonny Greenwood, Nick Cave & Warren ellis or Clint Mansell. You can check out the Score of Battle L.A from Tyler, Lady in the Black from Beltrami, There Will Be Blood from Greenwood, Jesse James from Cave & Ellis or Super 8, Star Trek and the Lost tv soundtrack from Giacchino. And the Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy was really impressive too. There are also game soudtracks from Joris de mans (Killzone) or Greg Edmonson (Uncharted), or the Bioshock games that are amazing.
    The last score I loved was Brave from Patrick Doyle. The songs are amazing and the music as magic as John Powell’s How to Train Your Dragon.
    I apologize for my bad english since I’m not a native speaker. ^^

  16. Shirley Walker who did Batman the animated series & The Flash with Danny Elfman has deceased?? OMG!

    And WOW! Talking about a vast knowledge of d soundtrack universe. It’s like listening to Sheldon Cooper of Original Scores. LOL. Don’t get me wrong! It’s a compliment. Mostly, i agree. There are some that i don’t know of or never listened to. But thanks for your recommendations, i’ll know what to download next time my ears nag me for something good to listen to.

    Your bad english you said? After that generously informative replies, you still have a time to be humble? That’s awesome in my book. Hey, please do keep in touch Spike! Here’s my mail address :

  17. No problem, it’s always a pleasure to talk about soundtracks with passionate people! 😉

  18. And just to add a correction to my statements, Media Ventures is nowdays known as “Remote Control Productions”.

  19. thanks for the RS really liked it , and a very big thank you to chris & spikewiliam. Loved your soundtrack commentary I so miss being in the ScoreZone! : (

  20. Maybe I’m being ignorant here, but can someone explain to me how these complete scores generally get released? Are the somehow extracted from the film, or were they leaked from the studio…? I just don’t understand how people get them if they weren’t released on an album, and I’m very curious about it. Thanks!

  21. I thought the score for this movie was pretty decent. It’s definitely not as memorable as Danny Elfman’s, but it still has some pretty good moments. My personal favorites are “Making a Silk Trap”, “Saving New York”, and “Tower”.

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