Terminator Genisys Soundtrack (by Lorne Balfe)

Terminator Genisys Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2015
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:11:53

1. Fate and Hope (03:58)
2. Better Days (03:06)
3. Work Camp (03:38)
4. Bus Ride (02:05)
5. Sarah & Kyle (04:37)
6. Alley Confrontation (02:34)
7. Sarah Kicks Ass (01:54)
8. Cyberdyne (03:42)
9. Still After Us (02:53)
10. Come With Me (03:43)
11. John Connor (02:57)
12. It’s Really Me (02:37)
13. Alcove (02:18)
14. I Am More (02:41)
15. If You Love Me You Die (05:53)
16. Judgement Day (02:57)
17. Family (03:15)
18. Fight (03:02)
19. Sacrifice (04:22)
20. Guardianship (03:27)
21. What If I Can’t? (04:24)
22. Terminated (02:01)

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11 Comments on “Terminator Genisys Soundtrack (by Lorne Balfe)

  1. Lorne Balfe does Terminator? Well, I didn’t see that one coming!
    Time for a listen!
    Amazing uploads, as usual Admin!

  2. Nah, Not the best one, I like Bear McCreary’s terminator score better, way better than this. Well, It’s just my opinion.

  3. Super soundtrack
    the right mood for the
    Film making.
    Here in Germany
    runs this film from the July 9, 2015
    German cinemas.
    Determined action high 10

  4. Thanks for this.
    But after listening, I still and always that feeling of music “commercial” always the same canvas composition, nothing original. I thought Transformers listen or fast and furious, in short all those formatted music that can serve us for some years now. But in any case not a music such as Terminator Brad Fiedel had made or even, to a lesser extent, Marco beltrami.Dommage …. Too bad … But bloody hell where are the real composers full of creativity the line of J.williams, J.Goldsmith (rip), J.Horner (rip), A. Silvestri and more ????

  5. After being first in the cinema to see the movie (& quite pleasantly surprised given the RT reviews), I thought this soundtrack did an adequate job given all the action in the flick. However, let’s be honest, the only good track when listening to this OST by itself is the last one (aka the original theme). As a whole, it’s like a poor man’s Mad Max Fury Road score & lacks any decent themes at all.
    So, disappointed with this one, but always appreciate Admin’s first class efforts!

  6. That opinion, i don’t agree because, who listen the soundtrack of terminator genisys, don’t know what talk about, Marco beltrami, does a great score of terminator 3, but i when i heard this score i remember of movie transformers 3, only, because of melody, that score is excellent

  7. I wish the complete score or recording sessions is released here…

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