Superman: The Movie Soundtrack (by John Debney, Royal Scottish National Orchestra)

Superman: The Movie Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1998 (1978)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:22:22

01. Prologue and Main Title (5:36)
02. The Planet Krypton (4:38)
03. The Destruction of Krypton (5:31)
04. Trip to Earth (2:41)
05. Growing Up (2:08)
06. Jonathan’s Death (4:03)
07. Leaving Home (4:50)
08. The Fortress of Solitude (8:22)

01. The Helicopter Sequence (6:16)
02. The Penthouse (1:50)
03. The Flying Sequence (4:17)
04. The Truck Convoy (1:55)
05. To the Lair (2:20)
06. March of the Villains (3:57)
07. Chasing Rockets (5:12)
08. Pushing Boulders (2:16)
09. Flying to Lois (2:59)
10. Turning Back the World (2:02)
11. The Prison Yard and End Title (6:24)
12. Love Theme from Superman (5:05)

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4 Comments on “Superman: The Movie Soundtrack (by John Debney, Royal Scottish National Orchestra)

  1. BE WARNED : This is John Debney’s pittiful attempt to cash in on the unreleased Superman The Movie score. The orchestration is laughable. Then finally, the official Superman Complete Movie Scores were released by John Williams.

    It’s still a good cd to have so you can compare how some orchestras can’t compete with the London Symphony.

  2. Hey come on , this is a pretty good attempt at scoring a majestic soundtrack. For its time John debneys score was impressive in its day. Then shortly afterwards they Warner Brothers realised the Rhino 2 disc score which was phenomenal.

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