Super 8 Soundtrack (by Michael Giacchino)

Super 8 Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2011
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:28:56

01. Super 8 (01:44)
02. Family Matters (00:29)
03. Model Painting (00:41)
04. Acting Chops (00:40)
05. Aftermath Class (05:54)
06. Thoughts Of Cubism (00:48)
07. We’ll Fix It In Post-Haste (00:44)
08. Productions Woes (00:34)
09. Train Of Thought (00:35)
10. Circle Gets The Cube (01:06)
11. Breen There, Ate That (01:12)
12. Dead Over Heels (00:48)
13. Gas And Go (01:34)
14. Looking For Lucy (00:49)
15. Radio Haze (01:08)
16. Mom’s Necklace (Unused) (01:33)
17. Shootus Interuptus (02:35)
18. Thoughts Of Mom (01:41)
19. Woodward Bites It (01:54)
20. Alice Projects On Joe (02:29)
21. Neighborhood Watch – Fail (04:45)
22. The Evacuation Of Lillian (03:40)
23. A Truckload Of Trouble (00:57)
24. Lambs On The Lam (02:40)
25. Woodward’s Home Movies (02:40)
26. Spotted Lambs (01:37)
27. Air Force HQ Or Bust (01:04)
28. World’s Worst Field Trip (03:36)
29. The Seige Of Lillian (02:57)
30. Creature Comforts (10:10)
31. Letting Go (05:18)
32. Super 8 Suite (05:54)
33. Charles Kaznyk – The Case (Bonus Track) (03:28)

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13 Comments on “Super 8 Soundtrack (by Michael Giacchino)

  1. Thanks!

    However, hopefully a reupped version can be posted soon. Too many 128s in here currently. But then again I have this CD on order already! lol

  2. You could also re-up Super 8 in m4a. It is one of the formats that I like and other people like. The Score of Monte Carlo (Music By Michael Giacchino) I’m sure that was also in m4a. Please re-up also to m4a. If you need, I share out their links to social networks: Twitter, Facebook… please re-up also to m4a…. PLEEAAASEEE

    Thanks a lot

    Note: Most times I can not access this site. I do not know why. I live here in Brazil and I can only see the site right, only cached by Google (it loads the page when it was on a certain day). Can you explain to me why? I love the site (Suddenly, today the site worked just right).

  3. today we’ve moved to a new hosting. so now on everything should work fine. also i reuploaded Super 8 in m4a

  4. Thank you! Thank you! You are the best site to download soundtracks. Now is the fantastic site of soundtracks,because now will have some Scores in m4a format.

    Note: It would be nice, you put a tag “m4a”, it would be easy to find songs on iTunes format.

  5. Could you upload Giacchino’s “ROAR” track from Cloverfield?

  6. I bought the BluRay of Super 8.
    Thank you for the soundtrack, admin.

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