Star Wars: The Last Jedi Soundtrack (Expanded by John Williams)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2017
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 192 kbs, 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:34:49

1. Main Title (1:26)
2. Escape Part 1 (1:20)
3. Escape Part 2 (7:41)
4. Rey Meets Master Skywalker (1:43)
5. Revisiting Snoke (3:28)
6. Ahch-To Island (2:41)
7. Who Are You? (1:02)
8. Leia Demotes Poe (Excerpt) (0:07)
9. The Supremacy (2:06)
10. Kylo Senses Leia (0:21)
11. Leia Uses the Force (1:36)
12. Luke and R2 (2:00)
13. Admiral Holdo (1:03)
14. Finn Meets Rose (0:18)
15. Fun with Finn and Rose (3:04)
16. Rey Connects with Kylo (0:39)
17. Connection (1:59)
18. Lesson One (2:09)
19. Canto Bight (2:39)
20. The Master Codebreaker (1:08)
21. Meeting “DJ” (1:07)
22. Jailbreak (0:56)
23. The Fathiers (2:42)
24. The Cave (2:02)
25. You Failed Him (1:02)
26. The Sacred Jedi Texts (3:32)
27. Rey’s Journey (1:35)
28. Rey to Snoke (Excerpt) (0:11)
29. A New Alliance (5:29)
30. Holdo’s Resolve (2:18)
31. “Chrome Dome” (2:09)
32. The Battle of Crait (7:23)
33. I Saved You (0:47)
34. The Spark (3:39)
35. Following the Crystal Critters (1:16)
36. The Last Jedi (3:48)
37. Peace and Prosper (1:46)
38. Old Friends (1:24)
39. Finale (1:05)
40. End Credits (8:10)
41. The Rebellion is Reborn (3:59)

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31 Comments on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi Soundtrack (Expanded by John Williams)

  1. @Lucas

    I think this is the “FYA” (For Your Consideration) Album that they’d give to Oscars for award nomination.

  2. Brilliant! Thank you. Any chance you could upload the new Star Wars symphonic suites film spectacular album that came out in Japan? Can’t seem to find that anywhere.

  3. “Where do you get these expanded scores from though?”

    You are usually listed somewhere as part of the industry. They’re fairly common and everyone gets them. I don’t know how hard it is to get on such lists now, but my step-father used to get VHS screeners when I was a kid, as well as press packets for upcoming films.

    It was the 90s and we lived in Michigan and had nothing to do with film! Still, in they came.

    I listened to some industry podcasts and they talk about these things coming out and everyone gets them, and it usually annoys them.

  4. many thanks, a great score for a wonderful movie. <3 Happy New Year 2018 to you, and may be the Force be with you-always.

  5. Thanks much. Broke so I skipped X-Mas, and also Last Jedi film, so I don’t know how good it is. But the music is John Williams at his best, and may he continue to be so for years to come. Interesting aside, just heard that the three Star Wars films that Disney have done so far, have now surpassed in earnings the 4 Billion dollars they paid George Lucas for all of his companies and copyrights. So from now on its all profit for them. I suppose they will do as well with their Fox buy out. Kind of wondered if since Now that Disney owns Fox they will start releasing Star Wars with the traditional Fox logo again… interesting thought.

  6. @Kevin D.

    But is Admin leaking them himself or is there another site where they’re originally leaked? Don’t get me wrong, I love how easy this site is set up to be but sometimes I’d like to find the original source.

    And what’s the difference between Expanded and FYC? And where do the Recording Sessions/Complete Scores come from?

  7. @Musichead

    Where the admin gets them, I’m not sure. And some of the labels are arbitrary. Sometimes an “expanded” release is official, sometimes it’s a fan label. The recording sessions and what have you pass through hands and given to friends and such.

    A “FYC” is a recording released to members of the Academy to be voted upon for an Oscar. There are tons of members so that the stuff gets out isn’t surprising.

    Other releases may be things the composer or director or a producers shares with other people.

    How it all ends up here I’m sure is a guarded secret. Or not so guarded. I dunno.

  8. More Blade Runner 2049 tunes pls admin. Expanded/complete etc.

  9. If you listen closely, you can tell if it’s “fan made” you can hear dialog and sound effects but faintly.

  10. !! Thankx !! The movie was good to watch in widescreen 3D. Score > 7.8

  11. @Musichead, @Kevin D.

    It is a guarded secret to the general public yes, but not a guarded secret to those who are in the groups. Score sharing groups are for some reason the most closed groups to access, it’s like Scientology, I’ve been in for almost 20 years and there are still secrets closed to me. The admin is clearly a member but he only shares things that are “allowed” to be shared (or released) by those on the top tier. There are many good things that have not been permitted to be released to the general public yet but don’t worry they will come soon.

  12. Thanks Admin! you are a great person que comparte todo lo que tiene, no me quiero imaginar las librerias de discos rigidos que debes tener para guardar todos estos cds!! es cierto eso de un grupo tan cerrado el de coleccionistas de soundtracks como lo somos todos?

  13. The “Main Title” on this album is from The Force Awakens soundtrack. Strange choice.

  14. The arrangement is very interesting, it combine TLJ OST and TLJ FYC, but evidently the second is not complete due to the personalized editing. If it is possible it would be better to have separate ST’s so each person can decide what order is preferred, but since it is no longer available on the official page this is the only way to get almost all the FYC album. Thank you very much!

  15. Is there anyway to get the Disney awards promo tracks?

  16. Thanks! I waited to see the movie before getting the score, and I knew if I came here, there would be some expanded version available.

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