Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith Soundtrack (Extended by John Williams)

Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2008
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 157:58

1-01 20th Century Fox Fanfare
1-02 Star Wars Main Title / Battle Over Coruscant
1-03 Enter General Grevious
1-04 Dooku’s Entrance
1-05 Escape With The Chancellor
1-06 Jedi vs. Droids
1-07 Another Happy Landing
1-08 The Chancellor’s Arrival
1-09 Lovers’ Reunion
1-10 Travelling To Utapau / Anakin’s Dream
1-11 Dreams And Visions
1-12 Be Careful Of Your Friend
1-13 On The Council
1-14 We’re At War
1-15 The Prophecy
1-16 The Tragedy Of Darth Plagueis
1-17 Kashyyyk
1-18 Goodbye Old Friend
1-19 Daydreams
1-20 Arrival At Utapau
1-21 Riding Boga
1-22 Crushing The Droids
1-23 Obi-Wan vs. Grievous
1-24 Jedi War Council
1-25 Palpatine’s Seduction
1-26 Rolling With Grievous
1-27 The End Of The General
1-28 Sith Lord Revealed
1-29 Padmé’s Ruminations
1-30 Under Arrest
1-31 Sidious vs. Mace
2-01 Dark Side Unleashed
2-02 Rise Lord Vader
2-03 Execute Order 66
2-04 The Great Jedi Purge
2-05 Bail’s Escape
2-06 Swimming / Yoda’s Farewell
2-07 The Tantive IV
2-08 Aboard The Tantive / Lord Vader Arrives
2-09 Anakin’s Dark Deeds
2-10 The Jedi Temple
2-11 Obi-Wan And Padmé
2-12 I’m So Sorry
2-13 Travelling To Mustafar
2-14 Padmé Reunited
2-15 Padmé’s Plea
2-16 A Path I Can’t Follow
2-17 Battle Of The Heroes / Duel Of The Fates
2-18 Search For Yoda
2-19 Into Exile
2-20 Anakin vs. Obi-Wan
2-21 The Immolation Scene
2-22 Vader Rescued
2-23 Polis Massa
2-24 Landing On Coruscant
2-25 The Birth Of The Twins
2-26 Padmé’s Destiny
2-27 The Fate Of The Twins
2-28 Padmé’s Funeral
2-29 A New Hope
2-30 End Credits
3-01 Album Introduction
3-02 Revenge Of The Sith [Music Video] 3-03 A Hero Falls [Introduction] 3-04 [Bonus Track]: A Hero Falls
3-05 Endlessly Compelling
3-06 Boys Into Battle (Album)
3-07 Opera Source [Ben Burtt] 3-08 Mace Windu’s Fate
3-09 Padmé’s Ruminations (Album)
3-10 Battle Of The Heroes
3-11 John Williams Interview
3-12 Practicing End Credits
3-13 Revenge Of The Sith Orchestral Suite
3-14 Album Finish

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14 Comments on “Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith Soundtrack (Extended by John Williams)

  1. Hi there,
    could you please check part 2? It seems like a null
    Many tank’s for all

  2. now for episode i,iv, and vi namely phantom menace, a new hope and return of the jedi

  3. So is this just music ripped from the movie not the Official Soundtrack?

  4. Is there any way to find the complete edition that contains the song called “Anakin’s Dark Deeds (alternate)?” Oh and can you also find “Battle of the Heroes Extended Edit” Please see if it at all possible. Thank You.

  5. Love the track ending of “It can’t be.” All versions I had before had sound fx from the film. This track alone now, clean, is worth it alone! MANY thanks! One of my fav. tracks in the series. Fantastic job on this one!!!!!

  6. Ooops was talking about a different one, but I will check this one too!

  7. Mais c’est quoi cette qualité de BIP ??? Ne surtout pas le télécharger !!! Très mauvaise qualité ! Si je trouve un bon liens, je vous le dirais !

  8. Could you perhaps fix this link please? It has said it’s been removed :/

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