Star Trek Into Darkness Soundtrack (by Michael Giacchino)

Star Trek Into Darkness Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2013
Country: USA
Audio codec: lossless
Quality: FLAC
Playtime: 47:23

01. Logos / Pranking the Natives (03:02)
02. Spock Drops, Kirk Jumps (01:45)
03. Sub Prime Directive (02:24)
04. London Calling (02:10)
05. Meld-Merized (02:41)
06. The Kronos Wartet (05:26)
07. Brigadoom (03:42)
08. Ship to Ship (02:51)
09. Earthbound and Down (02:38)
10. Warp Core Values (02:57)
11. Buying the Space Farm (03:18)
12. The San Fran Hustle (05:01)
13. Kirk Enterprises (03:01)
14. Star Trek Main Theme (03:25)

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31 Comments on “Star Trek Into Darkness Soundtrack (by Michael Giacchino)

  1. Has anyone the track “Ode to harrison”???
    I think its not part of this soundtrack!?

  2. Yeah, another great piece of sound by Michael Giacchino! THX for that.

  3. Hi Admin
    I’m looking for Il Mondo Di Riz Ortolani (4cd) links , can you help me ?

  4. Thnk u so much..i luv u man!!

  5. I don’t have Il Mondo Di Riz Ortolani

  6. Thanks for posting this. I saw a sneak last night and noticed this OST doesn’t include the end titles sequence from the film. I wonder if that will be in the ‘special edition’ in future. Thanks again!

  7. Weird. I downloaded it but the zip file was corrupted.

    Has anybody else had this problem?

  8. The file needs to be re-uploaded.

  9. Are the files MP3 now? the standard that the songs should be in is MP3, so people don’t have to convert them

  10. all links are dead flac and mp3 could ypu please re-up them thanks

  11. FLAC version doesn’t include the bonus track

    15. The Growl (Bonus Track) (02:56)

  12. Ehm, well now both versions doesn’t contain the bonus track, please re-up then thanks…

  13. Thanks for all you do. Both the links have died. If you can reload them it would be gretaly appreciated.
    Thanks again.

  14. Please re-upload this soundtrack. Both links say page not found. Thank you

  15. Can you put the normally version of 2009’s Star Trek soundtrack on upload by tomorrow if you can thanks

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