Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron Soundtrack (Complete by Hans Zimmer)

Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2002
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 128 kbs
Playtime: 59:11

Thanks to Alessandro

1. 1m1-Homeland Opening (3:52)
2. 1m3/4/5-Here I Am(Birth Song)/Spirit the Colt/Colt to Stallion (4:57)
3. 1m6-Cougar Fight (0:54)
4. 1m10-Investigating (2:20)
5. 2m11/12-Wrangler Chase/Spirit Captured (3:40)
6. 2m14-Induction (1:56)
7. 2m16-Tied To A Post (2:28)
8. 2m17-Indian Boy Arrested (0:40)
9. 2m19-2nd Rodeo Part 1 (1:49)
10. 2m20A-2nd Rodeo Part 2 (0:36)
11. 2m20B-Triumph Over Colonel (0:50)
12. 2m21A/B-Fort Escape/Intro Rain (1:52)
13. 3m22-Unbridled (1:00)
14. 3m23-Rain’s World (2:55)
15. 3m24-Tango (0:50)
16. 3m25-Indian Village (1:29)
17. 3m26-Love Found Us (2:36)
18. 3m27-You Can Go (2:55)
19. 3m28-Blue Man Raid/Rapids (2:23)
20. 4m30-Fallen Rain (3:06)
21. 4m32-Iron Horse Camp/Pulling (3:20)
22. 4m33-Spirit’s Vision/Train Escape (2:21)
23. 4m34-Forest Fire (1:28)
24. 4m35-Brothers Under The Sun/Kindred Spirit (1:30)
25. 4m36A-Canyon Chase (2:19)
26. 4m36B-Canyon Chase 2 (0:41)
27. 5m37-Spirit’s Leap (1:25)
28. 5m40-Reunion (Love Found Us) (3:00)

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6 Comments on “Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron Soundtrack (Complete by Hans Zimmer)

  1. Can you get the soundtrack album from this movie that includes all of the songs?

  2. Where did you get these, if I may ask? This certainly isn’t the original soundtrack, but nor is it the obscure extended score that can be found floating around on the internet. This is practically every musical cue in the movie, in too good shape to be clever rips from the film.
    I’m thankful that it’s here and that it sounds good, but I’d be really interested to know how you came by these. Did you get them from some other mysterious internet source? Did you hack Hans Zimmer’s mainframe? Did your friend’s brother’s uncle who works at Dreamworks get them for you? There’s gotta be some story there.

    Thanks for putting this here, anyway. Time to relisten to my childhood. C:

  3. I got this from Alessandro. I don’t know where he found it

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