Sorcerer Soundtrack (Tangerine Dream)

Sorcerer Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2014 (1977)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:58:55

01. Search (04:16)
02. The Call (04:51)
03. Creation (08:02)
04. Vengeance (06:05)
05. The Journey (04:45)
06. Grind (06:37)
07. Abyss (07:49)
08. Mountain Road (05:43)
09. Impressions of Sorcerer (06:53)
10. Sorcerer Theme (03:49)
11. Approaching The Danger (05:44)
12. Servant Of Misery (04:48)
13. Rain And Thunder (07:43)
14. In The Mist Of The Night (05:50)
15. Nebulous Jungle Path (07:20)
16. Distance And Hope (07:03)
17. Jungle On Fire (08:32)
18. Crash At Dawn (06:07)
19. Fast Ride And Disaster (06:48)

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10 Comments on “Sorcerer Soundtrack (Tangerine Dream)

  1. Wow…!!! Killer Post. I’ve always been a fan of Tangerine Dream, and have the original release of Sorcerer but this is a real treat. Amazing to think that Edgar and the boys composed this music without even seeing a single frame of the finished picture. This is very special music, and I Thank You Admin!!!

  2. Is this a new complete release of the OST ? or newly re-recording of the OST? Like they did LEGEND a couple years back. Not complaining just curious, Thank You.

  3. cannot connect…it says something is interfering with my secure connection to Oboom:(:(….any suggestions?…..cause i really do Enjoy this site and all these rare and wonderful soundtracks…Thanks:)

  4. Thanks for this, I enjoyed the soundtrack and the movie, I have yet to see wages of fear.

  5. Thanks for this, but , just one question : why use this new oboom host? Having account “uploaded” matters is preferred. I will not purchase an account to download, damage.

  6. Ok thanks for explanations. I’am a premium user to Uploaded and like your site because you use this host.

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