Semishigure / Samurai I loved Soundtrack (by Taro Iwashiro)

Samurai I loved Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2005
Country: Japan
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 44:31

01. First Love (7:19)
02. Ariake’s Prayers (3:42)
03. Dreaming of the Beloved One (4:32)
04. Remaining Flowers (3:01)
05. Whispering Rice Fields (1:53)
06. Deadly Blade (3:57)
07. Crying Face (4:51)
08. For Dad (4:56)
09. Foreboding (2:15)
10. Calmness (8:05)

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4 Comments on “Semishigure / Samurai I loved Soundtrack (by Taro Iwashiro)

  1. thank u so much for this..i am very fond of samurai film soundtracks,but they are so expensive..agian i thank you sir..

  2. Hello
    filesonic is closed, is there any other way to load this wonderfull music?
    regards Uwe

  3. Nice upload! Do you happen to have Taro’s Red Cliff I and II soundtrack?

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