Samurai Avenger The Blind Wolf Soundtrack (Dean Harada)

Samurai Avenger The Blind Wolf Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2010
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: VBR
Playtime: 61:50

01 Sushi Western Logo
02 Truck Driver And Blind Wolf
03 Samurai Go Go Dancer
04 Sarah And Kellee
05 To The Jail – Drifter Meets Blind Wolf
06 Drifter – What A Show
07 Hypnotists Death – To The Jail
08 Oldman
09 Hakkotsukanso
10 I Will Be Your Eyes
11 To The Jail – Thanks Partner
12 Zombie Mistress
13 Zombie Samurai
14 To The Jail – In Another Life
15 On The Bridge
16 I Dont Even Fear A Bullet – I Am Not A S
17 To The Jail – Lets Run
18 Nice Lady In Car – Ive Made You Wait Too
19 To The Jail – Final
20 The 7th
21 Samurai Duell
22 Nobutora
23 Agony Is My Weapon
24 Kagebara
25 I Promise, Partner
26 Never Trust A Liar
27 Blind Wolf
28 End Credit

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  1. Will you re-up please SAMURAI AVENGER THE BLIND WOLF. Thank you.

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