Ryan’s Daughter Soundtrack (by Maurice Jarre)

Ryan's Daughter Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1970
Country: UK
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 128 kbs
Playtime: 36:18

1. Main Title (04:34)
2. The Major (02:35)
3. You Don’t Want Me Then (02:56)
4. Michael’s Theme (03:17)
5. Ride Through the Woods (02:42)
6. Obsession (02:07)
7. Overture (04:06)
8. The Shakes (02:14)
9. Rosy on the Beach (01:46)
10. Rosy and the Schoolmaster (02:42)
11. Michael Shows Randolph (03:10)
12. Main Title From Ryan’s Daughter (04:18)

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4 Comments on “Ryan’s Daughter Soundtrack (by Maurice Jarre)

  1. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!

  2. When I originally saw this film at the cinema, most unusually they included a documentary before the film which included the information that this film had been banned as overtly erotic (read pornographic) when it first came out, due mostly to the one sex scene (beautifully done with the wind in the trees and a cobweb dancing on the breeze, all very poetic.). David Lean stated that he wished he’d followed the scene with a religious scene to balance out the morals, but I think he was wrong. In any case, the film is no where near what is considered adult by today’s standards, thank the Gods, and the Score is as beautiful as ever.

  3. Please, re upload the link to A Passage to india soundtrack (expanded by Maurice Jarre).

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