Road House Soundtrack (by Michael Kamen)

Road House Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2012 (1989)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 48:02

1. The Homestead (Dalton’s Theme) (02:37)
2. Tai Chi (01:33)
3. Nobody Ever Wins A Fight (01:52)
4. Drop Like A Stone (03:15)
5. Invitation To Brads (01:54)
6. On The Rooftop (05:41)
7. Loading Dock Fight (07:44)
8. This Is My Town (03:13)
9. Emmet’s House Explodes [Original Version] (01:01)
10. Dalton And Reno Fight (03:19)
11. Heads Or Tails? (03:00)
12. The Final Confrontation [Original Version] (04:44)
13. The Final Confrontation [Film Version] (06:15)
14. Final Theme (01:54)

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5 Comments on “Road House Soundtrack (by Michael Kamen)

  1. can you please use one of these two file sharing sites cause turbo bit doesnt work try or they work fine but please stop using turbo bit, i want to be able to get this album and others you have uploaded new,thanks

  2. Those file sharing sites have closed their affiliate programs and didn’t return any money to affiliates. So, there will be no Filejunge or Fileserve. Never.

  3. Thanks, I was waiting for this soundtrack for years.

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