Prometheus Soundtrack (by Marc Streitenfeld & Harry Gregson-Williams)

Prometheus Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2012
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 56:55

01.  A Planet (2:37)
02.  Going In (2:03)
03.  Engineers (2:29)
04.  Life* (2:30)
05.  Weyland (2:04)
06.  Discovery (2:32)
07.  Not Human (1:49)
08.  Too Close (3:20)
09.  Try Harder (2:03)
10.  David (3:00)
11.  Hammerpede (2:42)
12.  We Were Right* (2:42)
13.  Earth (2:35)
14.  Infected (1:56)
15.  Hyper Sleep (2:01)
16.  Small Beginnings (2:11)
17.  Hello Mommy (2:04)
18.  Friend From The Past** (1:14)
19.  Dazed (4:29)
20.  Space Jockey (1:29)
21.  Collision (3:05)
22.  Debris (0:44)
23.  Planting The Seed (1:35)
24.  Invitation (2:16)
25.  Birth (1:24)
* composed by Harry Gregson-Williams
** contains music composed by Jerry Goldsmith

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13 Comments on “Prometheus Soundtrack (by Marc Streitenfeld & Harry Gregson-Williams)

  1. Just a quick note to say thanks for all the great music you’ve been putting up. I do have a request, though. Could you put Prometheus (As well as your other scores.) on UPLOADED? ASFile never works very well, if ever. Thanks again.

  2. Same here : turbobit file seems to be bad..

  3. A pretty underwhelming score unfortunatelly *imo*. A bassy, echoy mess with no real memorable themes (except for “Friend from the Past” of course… who could that be ^^ ?)

  4. Unfortunately, I totally agree with horst … 🙁
    Best part of the score being a reprise of Jerry Goldsmith’s work.

  5. I have to respectfully disagree with the earlier posters. I thought this was utterly inspiring. One powerful crescendo after another roars through this score, each one sounding more distinct then the last.

    The strings and horns were tense and purposeful, you could listen to this without even knowing what the subject material was about.

    And I was very relieved to hear something that wasn’t trying to mimic Zimmer in any way for a change. I’ve become quite bored with that particular repetition.

  6. no esta el archivo que pena tal ves sera otro dia ,por esta pagina ,me quedo sin palabras para describir mi asombro ……………………………………………………………….

  7. hey these links aren’t working any chance you could re-up them?

  8. Great Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Could you please re-up this? Thanks – this is a fantastic site for letting me ‘try before I buy’, so many mediocre soundtracks in my collection to date!

  10. Has anyone else noticed that an almost direct quotation of James Horner’s main theme from The Perfect Storm runs through the entire first half of the score? It drifts in and out of almost every cue in one guise or another up until they enter the pyramid.

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