Police Story 2013 Soundtrack (by Jackie Chan)

Police Story 2013 Soundtrack

Genre: Score / Soundtrack
Date: 2013
Country: China
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 31:32

1. 拯救 (Save) (2013 Renewable Rap Version) (04:27)
2. 拯救 (Save) (2013 Renewable Lyrical Version) (04:38)
3. 打黑拳 (Anti-boxing) (03:43)
4. 救人質 (Save Hostages) (03:37)
5. 籠斗 (Cage Fighting) (02:36)
6. 人質出門 (Hostages Are Out) (03:39)
7. 特警進攻 (SWAT Offensive) (03:38)
8. 追車 (Chasing A Car) (02:00)
9. 最后的戰斗 (Final Fight) (03:11)

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6 Comments on “Police Story 2013 Soundtrack (by Jackie Chan)

  1. Wow…Oboom is great. Downloading at 14.4kb/s. :\

  2. Did you pay for a membership? Or the ordinary wait 20 seconds free account? I’m wondering as I still think Uploaded was so much better. But ok, we’re wrong they are right… pft…

  3. Wow, incredible ! Thank you ! Do you have OST of The Myth, and Little big soldier ?

  4. Sir. Can u please upload ost for New Police Story. Soundtrack and songs. Plz. Have been searching for long time. Official or unofficial. Anything is fine. Thanks

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