Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack (by Misha Segal)

The Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1989
Country: UK
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 52:44

01. Phantom Of The Opera – Main Title (03:08)
02. Don Juan Triumphant (Vocal by Nancy Fontana); Travel Through Time (02:03)
03. The Phantom’s Lair; Hellbound (Freddy At The Opera); Maddie (06:04)
04. Young Phantom’s Piano Etude; Davis’ Unpleasant Surprise; Carlotta’s Head (05:06)
05. You Are Him!; Into The Lair (03:45)
06. The Phantom On Fire; The Phantom’s Face (04:20)
07. Salon Talk (02:45)
08. The Jewel Song (from Faust) (Gounod) (Vocal by Nancy Fontana) (04:03)
09. Music Of The Knife; Killing Joseph (02:21)
10. Graveyard Violin; Pact With The Devil; Richard Gets Killed (03:59)
11. Ride To The Cemetery; The Cursed Manuscript; What’s In The Closet (03:30)
12. The Wedding; The Intruder From Springwood; Christine’s Decision; Mott Stalks The Phantom; Davis’ Death (08:30)
13. Phantom Of The Opera – Finale & End Title (03:05)

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  1. Thanks…see if you can find PIRANHA by Pino Donaggio…Thanks Again:)

  2. Can you reupload this soundtrack, please ? Thank you very much.

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