Pan Soundtrack (by John Powell)

Pan Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2015
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:10:00

01. Opening Overture (02:42)
02. Air Raid / Office Raid (01:41)
03. Kidnapped / Galleon Dog Fight (05:10)
04. Floating / Neverland Ahoy! (02:30)
05. Smells Like Teen Spirit (02:12)
06. Blitzkrieg Bop (00:59)
07. Murmurs of Love and Death (03:28)
08. Mine Escape (05:02)
09. Inverted Galleon (01:57)
10. Neverbirds (01:55)
11. Something’s Not Right (03:21)
12. Tramp Stamp (02:34)
13. Origin Story (03:58)
14. Pirates vs Natives vs Heroes vs Chickens (04:22)
15. Crocodiles and Mermaids (03:25)
16. A Warrior’s Fate (04:11)
17. Flying Ship Fight (07:24)
18. A Boy Who Could Fly (05:11)
19. Transfiguration (02:19)
20. Fetching the Boys (03:11)
21. Little Soldier (02:38)

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8 Comments on “Pan Soundtrack (by John Powell)

  1. Omg thank you thank you thank you! Powell so rarely puts out a soundtrack and they’re always amazing :p

  2. Hey! Thanks for all the samples! I went to see “Sicario” last night and it has the most epic score, any chance you could post it? Thanks,

  3. Ironically enough, just saw that film this morning….

    TERRIBLE SCORE, pushed throughout the movie, not letting the story exists by itself without its involvement.

    Plus, the whole Nirvana/Ramones… WTF?

    Nope – not gonna touch that one!

  4. What a beautiful and epic score!!! Powell replaced Dario Marianelli and he was a great choice. Is there any chance to have an MP3 version soon? Along with Holkenborg’s Mad Max, it is the best soundtrack of the year. DON’T FORGET THE MP3 TRACKS 🙂

  5. Have to disagree with MightyMad. Crappy alt-pop anachronisms (likely pushed on Powell) aside, I think this is up there with my favorite Powell scores. The melodies and development are just phenomenal 🙂

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