Once Bitten Soundtrack

Once Bitten Soundtrack

Genre: Soundtrack
Date: 1985
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 45:09

Thanks to Spurti

1. 3 Speed – Once Bitten (3:40)
2. Hubert Kah – The Picture (3:22)
3. Real Life – Face To Face (3:45)
4. Private Domain – People Living In Shadows (3:44)
5. Two Of Us – Blue Night Shadow (3:37)
6. Gifthorse – Alive Or Dead (3:56)
7. Maria Vidal – Hands Off (3:47)
8. 3 Speed – Stop Talking About Us (3:58)
9. Kevin McKnelly – You’re On My Mind (3:32)
10. Moses Tyson, Jr. – Makes Me Crazy (4:32)
11. Maria Vidal – Just One Kiss (4:01)
12. John Du Prez – Once Bitten (Main Title Theme) (3:15)

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5 Comments on “Once Bitten Soundtrack

  1. Why is there a Batman logo on this OST cover art? Also, since I know you do computer game soundtracks, can you find the Terry Pratchett related game soundtracks? (Discworld, Discworld II Missing Presumed…!?, Discworld Noir)
    Then there are the Animated movies, Truckers, Soul Music & Wyrd Sisters, that Cosgrove Hall did, which I am sure must have soundtracks.
    There were the two Johnny Maxwell TV series too, Johnny And The Dead (ITV) and Johnny and The Bomb (BBC)
    Also, there are the three Mini-Series that they did, (Hogfather, The Colour Of Magic, Going Postal), which may also have soundtracks.
    Lastly, there is the Book soundtracks, one by Dave Greenslade, From The Discworld (1994), and Steeleye Span did Wintersmith (2013). Wintersmith had two releases, the normal bog standard one (which I have) and a Special edition one which went to 2CD’s, which I do not have.

    So any help for any of these?

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