My Week With Marilyn Soundtrack (by Conrad Pope)

My Week With Marilyn Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2011
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 58:39

01.Marilyn’s Theme (01:48)
02.’When Love Goes Wrong, Nithin’ Goes Right’ & ‘Heat Wave’ (02:10)
03.Colin Runs Off To The Circus (03:02)
04.Colin Joins The Circus – MrJacobs (02:06)
05.Driving Through Pinewood (00:48)
06.Paparazzi (02:55)
07.Colin And Vivian (01:28)
08.’Memories Are Made Of This (02:19)
09.Rushes (01:28)
10.Lucy (00:47)
11.Uno, Dos, Tres (02:46)
12.Arthur And Marilyn (02:12)
13.Marilyn Alone (01:41)
14.Arthur’s Notebook (02:17)
15.Vivian Screens Marilyn (01:38)
16.The Getaway (01:46)
17.’You Stepped Out Of A Dream’ (02:39)
18.Eton Schoolyard (01:20)
19.’Autumn Leaves’ (02:44)
20.Overdose (03:31)
21.Colin’s Heartbreak (01:49)
22.Colin And Marilyn (03:08)
23.It’s A Wrap – ‘I Found A Dream’ (02:38)
24.’Such Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of’ (03:37)
25.Remembering Marilyn (03:19)
26.’That Old Black Magic’ (02:44)

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