Mio min Mio / Mio in the Land of Faraway Soundtrack (by Anders Eljas)

Mio in the Land of Faraway Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1988
Country: Sweden
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 47:35

01. Mio Overture
02. Kite-Flying
03. Aunt Edna’s Waiting At Home
04. Bosse Runs Away
05. The Journey To The Land Of Faraway
06. Mio My Mio #1
07. The Shepherd’s Flute #1
08. Kato’s Icy Wind
09. The Bridge Of The Morning Light
10. The Land Outside
11. Miramis Is Captured
12. The Hunt For Mio And Jum-Jum
13. The Shepherd’s Flute #2
14. The Sword
15. Inside Kato’s Castle
16. Prisoners Of Kato
17. To The Dungeon
18. Return Of The Sword
19. The Final Battle
20. The Reunion
21. Mio My Mio

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18 Comments on “Mio min Mio / Mio in the Land of Faraway Soundtrack (by Anders Eljas)

  1. inside which file? There is not a file… just a propose to open and to download a survey which catched up like a potential software or to send a message via mobile… is there any reason to make all this sequence? Could you please turn back to previous ways? thnak’s a lot

  2. I’m stupid enough for purchasing Turbobit premium account just because your site use it. Now you didn’t use it anymore. What a waste.
    Indeed I have Rapidshare premium account. Glad you use it to upload OST. But after downloading one file I have to open an exe file and have to go to mcgash site which didn’t work for me at all!!!
    I think it’s time to say goodbye to your site. Thanks for all the OSTs you’ve shared with us!

  3. rapidshare protected files is a piece of sh.. and can’t oper….
    I tried to pay for premium and the answer is….
    Due to a massive growth in our userbase in the last couple of days our systems are reaching the maximum capacity from time to time, this causes downloadspeeds which don’t match with the uploaded.to standards. We’re aware of this problem and our Devs are working on a solution for this issue day and night. We kindly apologize for this inconvenience and ask you gently to be patient. Uploaded.to will be back at its well known quality standards in the next couple of days. Thanks!

    Could you please share under regular rapidshare?

  4. admin, I don’t live in US and ul.to does not seem to work either.

  5. Sadly i can’t download this one because of the server. Ul it’s not working and i can’t get the rapidshare file. I t would be awesome if you up load it in some other server with no problems, like mediafire or hotfile. 🙂

  6. It’s not necesary. I got it! Ul. worked. Than you

  7. Fantastic soundtrack! A re-upload would be so great!

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