Legend Soundtrack (Expanded by Tangerine Dream)

Legend Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1985
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 77:58

01. Prologue (1:19)
02. Main Titles (2:51)
03. Nell's Cottage (3:15)
04. The Unicorns (3:20)
05. Goblins Theme (2:56)
06. The Gump Appears / A Toast To Love (2:51)
07. Entrance To The Underworld / Lily Charmed (3:20)
08. The Dance (2:19)
09. The Lord Of Darkness (3:01)
10. Kitchen Fight (3:16)
11. Jack The Champion (1:30)
12. Jack Versus Darkness (3:42)
13. Unicorn Theme (6:59)
14. Unicorn Saga (3:52)
15. United Goblins Parade (8:39)
16. Loved By The Sun (performed by Jon Anderson) (5:51)
17. The Unicorn Song (performed by Suzanne Pawlitzki) (3:07)
18. Is Your Love Strong Enough (performed by Bryan Ferry) (5:05)
19. Princess Lily's Chant (9:19)
20. Autumn (1:26)

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6 Comments on “Legend Soundtrack (Expanded by Tangerine Dream)

  1. Seeing How Legend Got The Double Treatment, My Question Or Request If You May Is…Would You Supply The Jerry Goldsmith Score? I Found One On Amazon For $50.00 But Would Really Love To Hear It In All Its Awe.Thank You For Your Time And Nice Site:)

  2. Sorry, but I didn’t understand your request well. Could you provide me an url on what do you want exactly?

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