Legend Soundtrack (by Tangerine Dream)

Legend Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2012 (1985)
Country: UK
Audio codec: FLAC
Quality: lossless
Playtime: 74:07

1. Prologue 2:28
2. Opening 3:41
3. Cottage 4:15
4. Unicorn Theme 4:48
5. Goblins 4:48
6. Fairies 2:58
7. Blue Room 3:58
8. The Dance 2:19
9. Darkness 3:10
10. Kitchen Fight 3:26
11. Unicorn Theme Reprise 1:45
12. Jack Versus Darkness 3:29
13. Unicorn Saga 3:52
14. Loved By the Sun (Music: Tangerine Dream, Lyrics: Jon Anderson, Performed by Katie Campbell) 6:27
15. The Unicorn Song (Adapted from “The Angel” by William Blake, Performed by Katie Campbell) 3:19
16. Is Your Love Strong Enough (Music: Tangerine Dream, Lyrics: Bryan Ferry, Performed by Katie Campbell) 5:31
17. Cottage – Alternate 3:19
18. Unicorn Theme Alternate 4:42
19. Fairies – Alternate 2:50
20. Unicorn Saga Alternate 4:33

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  2. Or you could just be grateful and say thank you.

  3. No, 65/kb Sec is very slow…
    But i found this files on a other board witch full 10MB/Sec
    download 😛

  4. Ow, i’m so sorry to hear that baby doll. But it’s 1MB/sec here. Besides, 65KB/sec is quite a good sun shiny day. Have you tried downloading torrent that won’t even move & all you can do is just to have faith that someday it’ll move on to 100%? Yeah, 65KB/sec is a bless compared to that. I’m grateful that Admin posted it here. Thanks admin! You’re DA MAN!

  5. Hi, both links are down, can ADMIN pretty please upload, thanks in advance.

  6. Please re-upload the FLAC version, thank you!

  7. Do you have Jerry Goldsmith’s Version?
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