Le Choix Des Armes Soundtrack (by Philippe Sarde)

Le Choix Des Armes Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2017 (1981)
Country: France
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 28:06

1. Le choix des armes (2:57)
2. Noir (1:33)
3. En liberte (2:19)
4. Itineraire en banlieue (2:30)
5. Duo (5:02)
6. La maison abandonnee (2:15)
7. Soudain dans un paysage calme (1:26)
8. Rue vide avec petite fille (2:16)
9. Le choix des armes (Suite) (7:47)

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6 Comments on “Le Choix Des Armes Soundtrack (by Philippe Sarde)

  1. Yes. Track 1-5 are broken.
    Picture for Track 3 is missing

  2. I meant picture for the mp3 background, track 7 is missing

  3. Works fine when you pay for the downloads – looks like we are being forced to buy a contract.

  4. Some of the tracks work rightly. With the DMCA problems all the album should be unable to download or to listen to.

  5. Fantastic soundtrack, thanks! ps all tracks work fine for me

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