Kingsman: The Secret Service Soundtrack (by Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson)

Kingsman: The Secret Service Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2015
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 57:26

1. Manners Maketh Man (01:38)
2. The Medallion (02:15)
3. Valentine (02:25)
4. To Become A Kingsman (04:19)
5. Pick A Puppy (02:14)
6. Drinks With Valentine (02:40)
7. Skydiving (03:38)
8. Shame We Had To Grow Up (01:57)
9. Kentucky Christians* [*Album Exclusive Track] (02:37)
10. Curious Scars And Implants (03:09)
11. Toast To A Kingsman (01:56)
12. An 1815 Napoleonic Brandy (04:24)
13. Eat, Drink, And Paaaaarty (01:54)
14. Calculated Infiltration (07:55)
15. Out Of Options* [*Album Exclusive Track] (01:49)
16. Hand On The Machine (02:22)
17. Finale (03:57)
18. Original Valentine Ideas* (Demo Suite) [*Album Exclusive Track] (06:25)

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16 Comments on “Kingsman: The Secret Service Soundtrack (by Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson)

  1. Great soundtrack but sadly very short. Will you be posting the Intrada issue of Jaws The Revenge?

  2. Damn thing keeps timing out on me when i download. bah. will get it one day!

  3. Yeah, I keep having similar trouble. I’ve tried about 10 times thus far to download this & every time it cuts short. Never had this happen to this degree before, & it’s certainly nothing to do with my connection.
    Might leave it a while now & try again in the future.
    Cheers for the upload anyway.

  4. Dunno what u did, Admin, or how u did it, but I tried this file again earlier & it downloaded first time with super speed (compared with normal).

  5. the file isn’t available anymore ๐Ÿ™ a fix/re-upload would be greatly appreciated!

  6. yay it’s back up!! admin you are the wind beneath my soundtrack-addicted wings

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